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All Things Chocolate
– Episode 5
In this video, Dawn’s Busy Bakery explores the latest trends in chocolate. Major chocolate companies are introducing new products featuring organic and flavored chocolates. Dark chocolate and milk chocolate products are making a big showing, as well. “It’s interesting how these chocolate companies have built a wide variety of products: dark chocolates, flavored chocolates. And they are coming back to the old standby of milk chocolate. That is something that really revealed itself in the Dawn 360 research,” says Chip Potter, Director of Marketing for Dawn Food Products. Your bakery can bring the chocolate trend alive with new products for the bakery such as brownies with imported chocolate, chocolate cakes, and fudge cakes. You can also blend in other ingredients like mint and marshmallow to tempt shoppers with interesting flavors that leverage the chocolate trend.

Shopper Trends
– Episode 6
In this video, Dawn’s Busy Bakery sets the stage for an in-depth look at key shopper trends among sweet baked goods shoppers in the bakery. Based on interviews with more than 2,000 consumers, the Dawn 360 reveals that key purchase drivers in the bakery include craving, indulgence and variety. What’s important to recognize is that shopper purchasing habits vary by bakery product. Cookies, muffins and donuts are being purchased frequently in the in-store bakery; 50% of grocery store shoppers are purchasing these products every couple weeks, according to the Dawn 360. Celebration cakes, on the other hand, are purchased less frequently. This finding points to a need for in-store bakeries to find new ways to bring shoppers into the in-store bakery to purchase celebration cakes. New cake flavors and convenient packaging options are examples of ways to drive purchases of celebration cakes. According to the Dawn 360, donuts are another bakery product that is purchased often at local retail bakeries, in addition to in-store bakeries. Findings from the Dawn 360 give in-store bakeries new ideas for in-store bakeries to improve their competitive advantage.

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inStorebuyer - June 2011

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