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speaker recap foodie all-stars Carol Christison The IDDBA speaker lineup featured a headliner list of influential leaders in the fields of food, business, media, sports and even comedy, including Bill O’Reilly, Brett Favre, Alton Brown and Jim Gaffigan, among others. The entire program led to many thought-provoking and informative discussions on and off stage. Carol Christison, President and CEO of IDDBA, revealed the mini- and mega-trends that are rapidly reshaping markets and competitive positioning. Here are a few key points of her presentation: Gluten-Free = $4.2 billion in sales. KumaMax is a new pill to prevent digestive upsets caused by gluten. It dismantled more than 95% of gluten peptides thought to cause celiac disease. Journal of the American Chemical Society “Real, Fresh, & Less-Processed” pulls plant-based foods to the center of the plate; pushes animal products to the edge of the plate. It’s not about eliminating meat but shifting the volume. Food As Medicine. Medibles -- you can eat your drug of choice Obesity. Obesity is a four letter word. 70% of adults are overweight. 32% of school-age kids are. Primary causes are overeating, lack of exercise, slow metabolism, and genetics. Consumers. Will give up some fat, sugar, and salt or make substitutions. Won’t give up taste and mouthfeel. Talk the talk of nutrition but walk the walk of taste. No taste? NO DEAL! Jack Li Why Post Calorie Counts? To beat the federal menu-labeling requirements. Consumer demand for information. To get a jump on fast food and QSR by posting calorie counts. Consumers Worried . . . About getting fatter. About getting older. About having enough money to retire. 57% have less than $25,000 in savings. 28% don’t think they’ll have enough money to retire comfortably. Aging Consumer. The Society of Actuaries says rising life expectancies could add $97 billion to corporate pension liabilities. The good news is that Americans are living longer. The bad news is that they can’t afford to. A Transformed Consumer. The recession changed how people shop, think, and define value. This translates to a “needs-based” shopper. 12 • 2013 IDDBA Recap • instore

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inStore - 2013 IDDBA Recap
Table of Contents
Overview - Filling the gaps
Speaker Recap - Foodie all-stars
Cake Competition - Cake decorating challenge
Show & Sell - Bakery
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inStore - 2013 IDDBA Recap