In the Dough - Lesaffre December - 6

The best yeasts and the most suitable services
make your job easier and help you meet daily
challenges. Saf-Instant® brand yeasts offer bakers a
diverse range of products uniquely formulated for a
variety of baking applications and processes. As the
essential ingredient in many bakery products, yeast
impacts the baking process at every step-and the
final end product. While it is used in rather small
amounts in most bakery products, having quality
yeast and using the yeast properly is critical to a
bakery's success. A brand new, more informative
packaging thanks to the QR Code will help you find
help, inspiration and advice. A selection of articles,
recipes and tips are available online to help you
in your baking profession. Directly in your pocket,
accessible 24/7.
Unique Facilities
to Expand Innovation
Lesaffre features a
network of 38 innovative
Baking Centers across
the globe spanning five
continents. Our Lesaffre
& Red Star Baking
Centers in Milwaukee and
Piscataway are staffed
by knowledgeable,
skilled master bakers,
as well as food
scientists, all who have
extensive experience in
commercial baking and
are recognized leaders in
their fields. These unique
facilities and Lesaffre's
expert staff serve as
invaluable resources
for our company, our
customers, and the
baking industry.
Lesaffre provides commercial bakers the broadest
range of superior yeast and ingredients and backs it
with a world-class team of experienced technical staff.
Meet Lesaffre Technical
Service Managers,
Roberto Alvarez
and Ricardo 'Ricky'
Combined, Roberto
and Ricky have over 70
years of experience in
the baking industry and
extensive knowledge
of Hispanic baked
good formulation and
production processes.
AND SALES GROWTH potential by
expanding your product offerings with a
wider array of Hispanic bakery breads and
sweet breads, which have strong appeal
among the fastest-growing population
segment in the United States.
Together we work with
bakeries of all scales
to perfect product
formulations to yield
consistently superior
products. At Lesaffre,
we see the changing
consumer marketplace
and emerging markets in
the United States, where
breads and sweet breads
are gaining popularity.
" We see what's
happening, and we have
the answers. And we are
working to develop more
solutions. "
Contact the Baking
Center with questions:
(414) 615-4115

In the Dough - Lesaffre December

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