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COUNTRY FOCUS Focus on Kazakhstan Country is a major flour exporter, particularly to neighboring countries. by Chris Lyddon Landlocked Kazakhstan is a major exporter of grain, particularly in WKHIRUPRIÀRXU$VKDUSGHYDOXDWLRQLQLWVFXUUHQF\KDVHQFRXUDJHG VDOHV+RZHYHULWVORFDWLRQPHDQVWKDWLWVPDMRUFXVWRPHUVDUHOLPLWHG WRQHLJKERULQJFRXQWULHV The International Grains Council (IGC) forecasts Kazakhstan's 2016ZKHDWSURGXFWLRQDWPLOOLRQWRQQHVGRZQIURPPLOOLRQWKH \HDUEHIRUH,WSUHGLFWVEDUOH\SURGXFWLRQDWPLOOLRQWRQQHVGRZQ IURPPLOOLRQWKH\HDUEHIRUH 7RWDO JUDLQV SURGXFWLRQ LQ  ZDV  PLOOLRQ WRQQHV XS IURPPLOOLRQWKHSULRU\HDU.D]DNKVWDQ¶VZKHDWFURSLQFOXGHG PLOOLRQWRQQHVRIGXUXPLQ 7KH,*&IRUHFDVWV.D]DNKVWDQ¶VWRWDOJUDLQVH[SRUWVDWPLOOLRQ WRQQHVLQXSIURPPLOOLRQWKH\HDUEHIRUH:KHDWH[SRUWV DUHSXWDWPLOOLRQWRQQHVXSIURPPLOOLRQWRQQHVWKHSUHYLRXV \HDU%DUOH\H[SRUWVDUHSXWDWWRQQHVXSIURPWRQQHV WKHSULRU\HDU ³3URGXFWLRQ GDWD IURP WKH .D]DNKVWDQL 6WDWLVWLFDO $JHQF\ VKRZ WRWDOJUDLQSURGXFWLRQLQDWPLOOLRQWRQQHVDQGWRWDOZKHDW SURGXFWLRQDWPLOOLRQWRQQHVPRUHWKDQODVW\HDU´WKH86'$ DWWDFKp VDLG LQ D UHSRUW SXEOLVKHG LQ -DQXDU\ ³.D]DNKVWDQL FXUUHQF\ GHYDOXDWLRQ DIIHFWHG H[SRUWV SULFHV SXVKLQJ .D]DNKVWDQL H[SRUWV XS VLJQL¿FDQWO\´ %HWZHHQ ODWH $XJXVW  DQG -DQXDU\ WKH.D]DNKVWDQLWHQJHWRWKH86GROODU H[FKDQJH UDWH SOXQJHG IURP  WHQJH WR  WHQJH ZLWK D VLJQL¿FDQW LPSDFW RQ WUDGH WKH Kazakhstan DWWDFKpVDLG ³$GGLWLRQDOO\WKH5XVVLDQUXEOHWR.D]DNKVWDQL WHQJHH[FKDQJHUDWHLQFUHDVHGIURP$XJXVW  $V D UHVXOW IURP $XJXVW  WKURXJK 1RYHPEHUIROORZLQJWKHGHYDOXDWLRQRIWKH WHQJH.D]DNKVWDQLH[SRUWVWULSOHG    ³:H H[SHFW WR VHH VRPH VKLSPHQWV RI ZKHDW IURP .D]DNKVWDQ WR 5XVVLD 0DQ\ RI WKHVH VKLSPHQWV SDUWLFXODUO\ZKHQWKH\DUHWUDQVSRUWHGE\WUXFNZLOOQRW VKRZLQRI¿FLDOWUDGHVWDWLVWLFVIRUHLWKHUFRXQWU\EHFDXVHLW LVVKLSSLQJZLWKLQWKH(XUDVLDQ(FRQRPLF8QLRQ´ 7KHDWWDFKpDOVRKLJKOLJKWHGDVHULHVRIRWKHULVVXHVDIIHFWLQJH[SRUWV )RU H[DPSOH WKH FRVW RI H[SRUWLQJ WR ,UDQ LQFUHDVHG ³7KH UDLOZD\ VHUYLFH WDULII LQFUHDVHG  DQG H[SHQVHV DW WKH$NWDX JUDLQ WHUPLQDO VHUYLFHVLQFUHDVHG´WKHUHSRUWVDLG³([SRUWVURXWHVYLD7XUNH\RU R u s s i a China Uzbekistan Kyrgyzstan Turkmenistan Tajikistan I r a n 20 Afghanistan Key Facts Capital: Astana Population: 18,157,122 (July 2015 est.) Religions: Muslim 70.2%, Christian 26.2% (mainly Russian Orthodox), other 0.2%, atheist 2.8% (2009 est.). Location: Central Asia, northwest of China; a small portion west of the Ural (Zhayyq) River in easternmost Europe. Government: Republic; authoritarian presidential rule. Chief of state: President Nursultan Abishuly Nasarbayev (since Dec. 1, 1991); head of government: Prime Minister Karim Masimov (since April 2, 2014). Economy: Kazakhstan, geographically the largest of the former Soviet republics, excluding Russia, possesses substantial fossil fuel reserves and other minerals and metals, such as uranium, copper, and zinc. It also has a large agricultural sector featuring livestock and grain. The government realizes that its economy suffers from an overreliance on oil and extractive industries so it has embarked on an ambitious diversification program, aimed at developing targeted sectors like transport, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, petrochemicals and food processing. Kazakhstan is landlocked, with restricted access to the high seas, and it depends on Russia to export its oil to Europe. In 2010, Kazakhstan joined Russia and Belarus to establish a Customs Union in an effort to boost foreign investment and improve trade. The Customs Union evolved into a Single Economic Space in 2012 and the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) in January 2015. The economic downturn in its EEU partner, Russia, and the decline in global commodity prices have contributed to the economic slowdown in Kazakhstan, which is experiencing its slowest economic growth since the financial crises of 2008-09. Kazakhstan devalued its currency, the tenge, by 19% in February 2014 and in November 2014, the government announced a stimulus package to cope with the economic challenges. In spring 2015, Kazakhstan embarked on an ambitious reform agenda to modernize its economy and improve its institutions. In the face of further decline in the ruble, oil prices, and the regional economic slowdown, Kazakhstan announced in August 2015 that it would cancel its currency band in favor of a floating exchange rate. GDP per capita:  $24,700 (2015 est.); inflation: 5.3% (2015 est.); unemployment: 5% (2015 est.). Currency: Tenge (KZT): 330.4 tenges equal 1 U.S. dollar (April 18, 2016). Exports: $45.37 billion (2015 est.): oil and oil products, natural gas, ferrous metals, chemicals, machinery, grain, wool, meat, coal. Imports: $31.64 billion (2015 est.): machinery and equipment, metal products, foodstuffs. Major crops/agricultural products: grain (mostly spring wheat and barley), potatoes, vegetables, melons; livestock. Agriculture: 4.8% of GDP and 25.8% of the labor force. Internet: Code: .kz; 67,464 (2012) hosts and 10.6 million users. Source: CIA World Factbook May 2016 / World Grain /

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World Grain - May 2016
Table of Contents
From the Editor-in-chief - Keys to poorer nations’ prosperity
Calendar of Events
AGIC 2016 is July 25-27 in Australia
News Review - Olam breaks ground on Nigerian feed, poultry complex
Nidera appoints new CEO
Scoular searches for new CEO
CHS’ earnings down on reduced commodity prices
ADM begins expansion at Brazilian port
E.U.-28 grain production forecast to meet five-year record
NCSP’s cargo turnover increases in first three months
Gavilon seeks expansion in the U.S.
VICTAM appoints new GM
Cargill profit rises in face of difficult market conditions
Olam secures financing for flour, food processing facilities in Nigeria, India
General Mills to upgrade New York facility
Dangote making changes to flour mill business
CBH’s New Albany site close to completion
Glencore sells 40% stake in agricultural unit
Per capita U.S. flour use dips to lowest level in 18 years
Brazil’s 2016-17 corn production forecast to be a record
Grain Market Review - Coarse grains
Country Focus - Kazakhstan
TECHNICAL PROFILE - Flat bread in Kazakhstan
FEATURE - Realizing innovation’s Opportunities
FEATURE - Time for government intervention?
FEATURE - 2016 IAOM Conference & Expo
CIGI CEO says milling industry must better promote its products
FEATURE - Reforms boost Argentine grain industry
FEATURE - Mid-latitude drying in 2016-17
FEATURE - European supplier profiles
TECHNICAL PROFILE - Durum wheat debranding study

World Grain - May 2016