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2012 CROP INSURANCE CHARTS INSURABLE CROPS Locations &Plans The following pages contain a list of all federally subsidized insurable crops, what states they are insurable in, under what plan(s) of insurance, and the number of counties where they are insurable. Please note this information is current as of January 11, 2012. Changes are constantly occurring in the crop insurance program and you should contact your crop insurance agent for the most up-to-date information. The numbers in the matrix refer to specific insurances plans by the plan number as identified by the Risk Management Agency (RMA). A number containing a dash indicates that the crop is not insurable in every county in the state. The number following the dash represents the number of counties in that state the crop is insurable under the plan of insurance indicated by the number before the dash. For example, the code 01-16 means that specific crop is insurable under the Yield Protection (YP) plan of insurance in sixteen counties in the state. If the number does not contain a dash, it is insurable in every county in the state. A number including (P) indicates a pilot program. 01 = YP-Yield Protection 02 = RP-Revenue Protection 03 = RPHPE-Revenue Protection with Harvest Price Exclusion 04 = GRP-Group Risk Plan 05 = GRIP-HRO-Group Risk Income ProtectionHarvest Revenue Option 06 = GRIP-Group Risk Income Protection 13 = RI-Rainfall Index 14 = VI-Vegetation Index 40 = TDO-Tree Based Dollar Amount of Insurance 41 = PRV-Pecan Revenue 43 = AQDOL-Aquaculture Dollar 46 = ARC-Avocado Revenue Coverage 47 = ARH-Actual Revenue History 50 = DO-Dollar Amount of Insurance 51 = FD-Fixed Dollar 55 = YDO-Yield Based Dollar Amount of Insurance 61 = AGR-L-Adjusted Gross Revenue - Lite 63 = AGR-Adjusted Gross Revenue 81 = LRP-Livestock Risk Protection 82 = LGM-Livestock Gross Margin 90 = APH-Actual Production History CV-ComprehensiveTree Value QE-Quarantine Endorsement PY-Personal T Yield PO-Price Endorsement Option NS-Stage Removal HF-Hail & Fire Protection 38 FEBRUARY 2012

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Explaining the Costs of the Crop Insurance Program
NCIS Awards Two Scholarships
2012 Spring Update Conference
Commitee Sees Research First Hand
Trade Talk 2011
Retirements: Ben Latham and Steve Hams
In Memory of Patrick Flanagan
In Memory of Marx M. Mannberger
Step 5-Testing the Current Farm: Will the current farm be feasible in the future?
2011 Premiums: State Rankings
Insurable Crops: Locations & Plans

Crop Insurance Today February 2012