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dnata Enhances Cargo
Offering in Erbil, Iraq
dnata implemented the " OneCargo "
system, digitizing processes and maximizing
efficiencies across its cargo operations
in Iraq. The advanced tool, which
dnata plans to launch globally, is expected
to deliver significant commercial benefits
for customers.
OneCargo automates key business and
IATA Launches New
Ground Operations Portal
The International Air Transport Association
(IATA) announced the launch
of the IGOM Portal, a major support
tool for the efficient implementation
of the IATA Ground Operations
Manual (IGOM).
IGOM is the established global
industry standard for ground handling
worldwide. The IGOM Portal is an online
platform where, with IGOM as the primary
reference, airlines and ground
service providers (GSPs) can exchange
information, including any variations,
on their ground handling requirements.
" Safe and secure on-time turnarounds
are a priority for airlines and a
critical deliverable for GSPs. Standardization
of procedures through the IGOM
is a key enabler. But it must be implemented
to be effective. The IGOM Portal
will provide the means to understand
variances and manage adoption, " said
Nick Careen, IATA senior vice president
operations, safety and security.
The IGOM portal will bring the following
benefits to airlines and GSPs:
* Simplified verifiable communications:
A fully traceable notification and
acknowledgment function facilitates
communications between airlines and
GSPs on IGOM variations.
* Latest information: Real time updates
to the IGOM are immediately published
on the portal.
* Benchmarking: A comparison function
enables a digital gap analysis between
IGOM requirements and the manuals
used by airlines and GSPs.
* Network overview: Local variations at
all stations can be viewed for network
overview of IGOM adoption.
The IGOM Portal is available free of
charge to all airlines and GSPs.
operational functions, including safety
and quality monitoring, reporting and
ULD management, with an integrated,
cloud-based platform. AI-driven tools
and analytics provide enhanced visibility
on sales and business performance,
allowing customers to match real-time
demand with available capacity for maximum
profitability. In addition, OneCargo
eliminates all redundancies and manual
check sheets, substantially improving
operational efficiency.
" We continue to invest in cutting-edge
technologies, advanced infrastructure
and process improvement to consistently
deliver the same high level of
safety and quality at every dnata station
across the globe. "
Havas Completes Acquisition
of Zagreb Ground
Handling Company
Havas, a TAV Airports and Groupe ADP
company, began providing services in
Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia. Operating
at 29 airports in Turkey, Havas
extended its global reach to Zagreb in
addition to Riga, Latvia.
With a recently signed agreement,
Havas took over passenger, ramp, representation
and supervision services, flight
operation, load control and communication
services as well as cargo and mail
services at Zagreb Airport.
" We focus on constantly improving
Having launched the system in Iraq,
dnata plans to gradually implement OneCargo
at additional stations, including
airports in Pakistan, Switzerland, UAE,
USA and Zanzibar (Tanzania) across its
extensive global cargo network. By 2023,
OneCargo will have a user base of over
2,000 staff members across 10 stations
in six countries, interfacing seamlessly
with a host of other system applications
within the IT landscape of the business.
" The implementation of OneCargo in
Erbil is a major milestone which paves
the way for the global launch of this
advanced digital solution. In addition to
improving operational and commercial
performance, OneCargo will help us
drive synergies across our international
network and ultimately offer more value
to our customers, " said David Barker,
dnata's divisional senior vice president
for airport operations.
our operations through innovative solutions
and providing the best service to
our airline collaborations. As a member
of the Turquality program, we take the
opportunities to achieve growth abroad
with the know-how we have gained
in Turkey, " Havas general manager S.
Mete Erna said.
" Approximately 30 airlines regularly fly
to Zagreb Airport, which is a significant
touristic destination in the Adriatic. We
will carry out all processes as the sole
ground handling service provider at the
airport, which also has cargo and general
aviation traffic. We will increase the
efficiency of our operations, sustain our
investments in ground handling services
and continue to be the preferred business
partner of airlines. "
Havas will provide service in Zagreb
with approximately 500 employees and
a machine park consisting of 176 motorized
and 346 wheeled equipment. The
Zagreb station is holds ISAGO certification
by the International Air Transport
Association (IATA).
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