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Hey Ground Support Industry - How are we all doing?
Going from just crazy 2020 and 2021 into who knows
what 2022, I hope everyone is still hanging in there.
Well, here at Stinar, we rolled into 2022 with having
our build board already filled for the first two quarters
of the year. Fortunately, we just moved into a new (for
us) 60,000 sq. foot manufacturing facility at the end of
December 2021.
As most may not know, back in 2018, Stinar was left
to die on the vine, as they say. But being a product
vendor to Stinar for many years and learning what they
produced, we decided to buy Stinar from its owners at the time and turn it around. So, we took
ownership at the end of 2018 and transitioned into 2019 with our sleeves rolled up.
Well, it's been interesting. Under the Kruckeberg Industries banner, we own multiple companies
in a WIDE variety of industries. As I type this, I am pleased with the purchase; coming from the
Heavy truck industry into the GSE / Airline industry, I thought I was sure to have to say, dress
better. Well, I have come to learn that we all put our pants on the same way, and the people
I have so far met have been a blast. The GSE Show and the NBAA show were educational for
my team and an opportunity for past Stinar customers to see and meet the new Stinar. You
welcomed us with open arms by trusting in the Stinar name again. I thought being in the
Heavy truck industry for 30 years was an achievement. Still, Stinar has been building ground
support equipment for 75 years. But that's a whole other story.
We will do our best to bring you innovation that looks lacking in this industry and continue to
bring you quality products with the service you expect.
Again, thank you and until next time. Be safe!
P 612.360.9936
YOUR INDUSTRY LEADER IN GROUND SUPPORT EQUIPMENT SINCE 1946 | Visit us at or call us at (615) 454-5112 | www.


Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of march2022

Editor's Note: EAGLE'S Efforts to Promote Unleaded Avgas
Business Buzz
Industry Expert Column: Break the Ground Damage Code
Support for Air Cargo
Ground Handlers' Green Plans
Perishable Cargo in the Pandemic Age
Autonomous Vehicles Gaining Traction in Ground Support
Goldhofer's Emission-free Towbarless Tractor
Product Hangar
Celebrating 30 Years
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march2022 - Editor's Note: EAGLE'S Efforts to Promote Unleaded Avgas
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march2022 - Business Buzz
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march2022 - Industry Expert Column: Break the Ground Damage Code
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march2022 - Ground Handlers' Green Plans
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march2022 - Perishable Cargo in the Pandemic Age
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march2022 - Autonomous Vehicles Gaining Traction in Ground Support
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march2022 - Goldhofer's Emission-free Towbarless Tractor
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march2022 - Product Hangar
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