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intention to continue to work with the
city on the second phase of the project.
The 20-km (12.4-mile) project will be
constructed in two phases, with the first
connecting 18 kms (11.18 miles) between
Shepard to Eau Clare. The second phase
will construct the final two kilometers
(1.24 miles) from Eau Clare to 16 Avenue
North. In addition to the federal government's
financial commitment, the province
committed to matching the federal
investment in the project and the city of
Calgary has committed C$1.59 billion
(US$1.27 billion) for the project.
Omaha Metro identifies 24th Street
as next transit priority corridor
▶ Omaha Metro Transit (Omaha Metro),
following months of strategic planning
and community outreach, has selected
24th Street as the next priority transit
corridor for the city's network. The corridor,
which runs from the North Omaha
Transit Center near 30th and Ames to
the MCC South Transit Center near 30th
and Q via 24th Street, is currently served
by Route 24, one of the most-used bus
routes in the metro system. In addition
to the two transit centers, connections
include 16 local bus routes, seven express
routes, the Dodge Street ORBT line and
dozens of community destinations along
the corridor. A study of the area would
also consider 30th Street as an alternative
north of Dodge Street, with potential
extensions at the north and south ends
of the corridor. The selection of 24th
Street as a transit priority corridor begins a
multi-year process to coordinate and develop
improvements and the timeline for
implementation will depend on the level
of desired infrastructure. Omaha Metro
has begun seeking funding for a formal
study of the corridor to compare potential
designs including an enhanced bus route,
upgraded amenities or a new ORBT line.
City of Pittsburgh and partners
launch MaaS-focused, basic
mobility initiatives
▶ The city of Pittsburgh, Pa., the city's
Department of Mobility and Infrastructure
(DOMI) and private company
partners celebrated the launch of two
innovative initiatives - MovePGH and
Universal Basic Mobility - aimed at easing
access to mobility options. MovePGH
utilizes 50 physical and digital " mobility
hubs " where transit and shared mobility
options are integrated into a Mobility-as-a-Service
(MaaS) system. Travelers
can find a bus, bike, scooter, moped,
car or shared ride using the Transit app
or by visiting one of the mobility hubs.
The second program, Universal Basic
Mobility, ensures low-income users can
easily access these integrated mobility
services. The Universal Basic Mobility
initiative will provide up to 100 local
low-income residents with monthly
transit subscriptions and shared mobility
services to address mobility insecurity for
a period of six months. Grant funding will
cover the cost of monthly subscriptions
for the program and the Manchester
Citizens Corporation will further support
these individuals with " trip coaching " to
ensure they know how to use the various
services. The initiatives support the city's
equity principles which include access to
fresh food, affordable basic transportation
and safe travel without reliance on a
vehicle for all city residents.
People in the News
David Scorey
Keolis North
David Scorey has
been promoted to
president and CEO
of Keolis North
America. He will
oversee all Keolis
operations in North
America, which currently includes the United
States and Canada. Scorey is a proven leader
in advancing organizational safety, strengthening
relationships with public transit agencies
and improving the passenger experience.
In the fall of 2016, Scorey took over as general
manager of Keolis Commuter Services (KCS)
in Boston. Under his leadership at KCS, the
commuter rail surpassed its 10-year average
for on-time-performance by two percent and
increased revenue and ridership.
Gary Thomas
A Better Way To LGA Coalition
A RENDERING of the AirTrain
approaching LaGuardia Airport's
East Station.
FAA issues ROD for
LaGuardia AirTrain
▶ The Federal Aviation Administration
(FAA) issued its Record of Decision for the
LaGuardia Airport (LGA) AirTrain project,
clearing the way for the Port Authority of
New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) to
pursue future funding under the Passenger
Facility Charge program, which
allows for the collection of fees added to
passenger ticket proceeds of which can
be used on certain qualifying airport projects.
The $2-billion project would provide
a rail transit connection to the final major
U.S. airport on the East Coast without one.
PANYNJ plans to connect LGA to the New
York City Transit Subway 7 Line and the
Long Island Rail Road Port Washington
Branch at Mets-Willets Point. There will
also be passenger walkways connecting
to the LGA Central Hall, a parking garage
connector, public transportation and
ground transportation facilities.
Continued ▶
Gary Thomas, former
president and
executive director
of the Dallas Area
Rapid Transit, has
joined Jacobs as
the U.S. transit
market leader. He
will leverage his rich industry experience to
assist clients in developing and advancing
transit programs, as well as identifying and
attracting the best talent to Jacobs. Thomas
brings to Jacobs four decades of engineering
experience and transit leadership.
He served on the Transportation Research
Board Executive Committee and the Subcommittee
on Planning and Policy Review.
He is a past chair of the American Public
Transportation Association, Rail~Volution
and the South West Transit Association.
Memphis Area
Bacarra Mauldin
Authority (MATA)
Bacarra Mauldin
has been selected
to be the chief of
staff for MATA.
Mauldin will provide
strategic leadership and the framework to
support day-to-day operations, project
management and execution of strategic
initiatives to ensure the continued growth
and efficiency of the organization. Mauldin
is a senior executive with 16 years of diverse
experience in public transit, public administration,
municipal government, grants
administration and business operations.
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