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goal of an all-electric fleet and a
carbon-neutral San Francisco by 2040.
As part of the program, Muni had initially
ordered nine battery-electric buses,
three each from New Flyer, BYD USA and
Proterra for an 18-month tryout. As the
program evolved, Nova Bus was added
to the program to bring in three
additional electric buses for extensive
testing. Currently, five electric buses
have arrived, and the remaining seven
will be delivered by the end of 2022.
THE SAW Mill Run Boulevard Bridge repairs will take up to 12 weeks to complete.
Google Maps
Saw Mill Run Boulevard
Bridge fix estimated to top $2
million; take up to 12 weeks
▶ The Port Authority of Allegheny County (Port Authority) estimates it
will take in excess of $2 million and between 10 to 12 weeks to repair the
Saw Mill Run Boulevard Bridge, which has been closed to transit traffic
since Feb. 4, when engineers noticed a joint on the deck of the bridge
had expanded. The Port Authority explained the 1,052-foot span's shift of
several inches was the likely result of water penetrating a portion of the
concrete support structure and then freezing. The repairs will be performed
by contractors who will lift the 600,000-pound bridge back into position;
and replace bearings, anchor bolts and portions of the concrete deck and
slab that were removed to stabilize and gain access to the bridge. The Port
Authority explains there is no threat to the road traffic below the bridge
and the bridge remains stable.
Community Transit awarded
$37.1 million in CIG funds for
Swift Orange Line BRT
▶ The Federal Transit Administration
has awarded Community Transit $37.1
million through the Capital Improvement
Grants Program for the Swift Orange
Line bus rapid transit project (BRT). The
Swift Orange Line will be Community
Transit's third BRT line after the inaugural
Swift Blue Line and the Swift Green
Line, which opened in 2019. The Swift
Orange Line will connect Mill Creek to
south Snohomish County and provide a
link to the region's high-capacity transit
network when Sound Transit begins
service on its Lynnwood Link extension
in 2024. The 11.3-mile BRT project
includes improvements to two existing
transit centers/park and ride facilities, 13
vehicles, queue bypass lanes and transit
signal priority. Community Transit's Swift
services use an off-board payment system
and all-door loading-and-unloading
to provide quicker trips.
SFMTA rolls out battery
electric bus pilot program
▶ The first of three battery-electric buses
have entered revenue service on the San
Francisco Municipal Transportation
Agency's (SFMTA) network, bringing the
agency closer to achieving its greater
10 | Mass Transit | | MARCH 2022
NYC Mayor Eric Adams lays out
plan to address mental illness
and the unhoused in subways
▶ New York City Mayor Eric Adams
outlined his Subway Safety Plan, which
aims to tackle homelessness and serious
mental illness and how they are
addressed and aid provided within the
city's subway system. The plan includes
fair and transparent enforcement of the
Metropolitan Transportation Authority's
(MTA) code of conduct, as well
as increasing outreach personnel and
services available to those in need. " It is
cruel and inhumane to allow unhoused
people to live on the subway, and unfair
to paying passengers and transit workers
who deserve a clean, orderly and safe
environment, " said Mayor Adams. " The
days of turning a blind eye to this growing
problem are over, and I look forward
to collaborating with the state, the
federal government, [Transport Workers
Union], advocates and law enforcement
to solve this challenge. It will take time,
but our work starts now. " The plan calls
for addressing " these concurrent, and
sometimes, interconnected, crises " by
working with partners including the MTA,
state of New York and federal officials to
invest resources that bridge " gaps in the
system where too many have been lost. "
Marc A. Hermann/MTA
NYC MAYOR Eric Adams speaks on the
city's Subway Safety Plan.


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