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Brightline completes Zone 2
of its Orlando extension
▶ Brightline has completed Zone 2, a
3.5-mile section of corridor that is part
of its extension from West Palm Beach
to Orlando International Airport (OIA).
While Zone 2 is one of four zones on
the 170-mile extension, Brightline says it
" represents one of the most complex and
challenging areas for construction in the
entire project. " Zone 2 is an engineered
double track that travels under active airport
taxiways and over tug roads running
through the heart of OIA. Construction
elements of this zone include six bridges,
two underpasses and several airport
improvements, including a new traffic interchange
configuration at Cargo Road,
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BRIGHTLINE HAS completed Zone 2 of
its extension to Orlando.
located north of the airport and the airport's
first roundabout designed to assist
with traffic flow. Brightline completed
additional infrastructure on the project
to accommodate future transportation
options through the airport including
embankment, bridge foundations at the
tug roads and a shared underpass at Cargo
Road. The project was constructed
in partnership with the Greater Orlando
Aviation Authority.
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Community Transit
Mark Holmes has
been named chief
operating officer
of Community
Transit where he will
oversee transportation
operations, as well
as fleet and facilities
maintenance for the
Snohomish County,
Wash., transit agency.
Holmes has 35 years of
experience in bus operations
and bus and
rail service planning
with the Metropolitan
Transportation Authority
(MTA). He currently
serves as deputy
general manager of
transportation for MTA
Regional Bus Operations,
responsible for
all operations including
service management,
incident management
and operator safety
training, as well as
overseeing more than
7,500 coach operators,
managers and supervisors.
His start date
at Community Transit
was March 21.
Metropolitan Area
Transit Authority
WMATA has named
Metro Transit Police
Department (MTPD)
Interim Chief Michael
L. Anzallo as the department's
new chief.
Anzallo has been with
MTPD since 2018 and
brings more than 30
years of police experience.
He currently
coordinates WMATA's
emergency management
response with area
law enforcement and
oversees transit police
security programs, including
transit police
bureaus for patrol operations,
homeland security
and intelligence
and investigations. He
will continue to provide
strategic oversight for
WMATA's executive
management team and
board of director's on
MTPD's vision for the
Commission (MTC)
Derek Hansel has
been selected to
serve as the chief
financial officer
of MTC and the
Association of Bay
Area Governments
(ABAG). Since 2017,
Hansel has served
as CFO for the San
Mateo County Transit
District, the San Mateo
County Transportation
Authority, Caltrain and
the San Mateo County
Express Lanes Joint
Powers Authority. In
April 2021, Hansel
was named acting
chief administrative
officer for the quartet
of transportation
agencies. During his
tenure in San Mateo
County, Calif., Hansel
helped achieve a
three-notch upgrade
in Caltrain's Standard
& Poor's credit
rating, among other
Bernard M. Bear,
longtime Akron,
Ohio, resident,
transit enthusiast
and long-standing
member of Akron
Metro Regional
Transit Authority
Board of Trustees,
died Jan. 27, 2022.
During his tenure, he
served on numerous
board committees and
as board president.
Bear was instrumental
in securing financial
stability at Akron Metro
through sales tax
initiatives, including
the latest 0.25 percent
sales tax securement
in 2008. He led the
formation of the
Akron Metro Citizens
Advisory Committee
(1974), which acted as
a liaison between the
general public and the
board to provide input
and feedback, and led
Akron Metro through
the opening of the
Robert K. Pfaff Transit
Center (2009).
Sound Transit
The Sound Transit
Board appointed
Brooke Belman,
Sound Transit's chief
of staff, to serve as
acting CEO of the
agency following the
departure of Peter
Rogoff on May 31.
The agency started a
national search for a
permanent candidate
and calls Belman
a longtime agency
leader, who will be
tasked with carrying
the agency through
the transition. Since
joining Sound Transit
in 2004, Belman's
leadership roles have
included deputy executive
director, land use
planning and development;
chief of staff of
the design engineering
and construction management
and director of community
Belman previously held
consultant roles in
communications and
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