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Capital Rail Projects
communications cabling used by multiple jurisdictions
and make repairs to the Yellow Line bridge. The
project and associated bridge closure is expected to
begin in September and be completed in spring 2023.
Perhaps the greatest change to the Metrorail
system this year will be the anticipated opening of
the Metrorail Silver Line Phase 2. The Metropolitan
Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) determined
the 11.5-mile extension reached substantial
completion in November 2021. WMATA is currently
working with MWAA on the remaining open issues
with the construction of the extension. According
to a project update in January 2022, seven issues
concerning tight gauge at yard switches, cracked
impedance bonds, turntable deficiencies and others
were being remediated. A new issue involving
heat tape failures was discovered during operational
readiness testing and the entities continue to work
on how to address the issue. WMATA will establish
an opening date for the extension after all identified
deficiencies have been resolved and testing on the
line has concluded.
" In order to maintain a healthy system, Metro
needs an aggressive capital program. We will continue
working with our regional partners to advance
construction and rehabilitation projects that ensure
a state of good repair for critical regional infrastructure.
While service outages can be disruptive, we
know they are foundational for maintaining safe
and reliable service, " said WMATA General Manager
and CEO Paul J. Wiedefeld. " We have a lot of
work to do this year and we will tackle major state
of good repair projects while also introducing new
service. We are committed to providing our customers
with reliable alternatives and frequent updates
on the work as it is conducted. "
chief engineer
has identified
the steel-lined
tunnel near
L'Enfant Plaza as
the agency's top
structural priority,
with repairs
needed to stop
water intrusion
and strengthen
the tunnel lining.
The Educational Railroading
Conference Leader Since 1994
Coming to Vancouver, BC, June 21, 2022
The Rail Transit Seminar is devoted to examining wheel/rail and vehicle/track interaction on light rail and subway operations.
This cross-disciplinary seminar will include presentations from experts in vehicle/track dynamics, noise and vibration,
wheel/rail profi le design and maintenance, and friction management.
In conjuntion with the Rail Transit Seminar,
two additional seminars will be presented immediately following.
JUNE 23-24
Questions: Contact Brandon Koenig, Director of Operations 847-808-1818 or
For more information, visit
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