March_2022 - 11

NJDOT awards $8.6 million
to boost pedestrian safety to
and from transit facilities
▶ Nine New Jersey counties will deliver
19 projects aimed at improving pedestrians'
safe access to transit facilities with
the awarding of $8.6 million through the
state's Safe Streets to Transit Program
(SSTT). The FY22 awards represent the
largest amount provided in a single year
to the program. The SSTT encourages
transit users to walk to transit stations
and facilitates the implementation of
projects and activities that will improve
pedestrian conditions within a
one-mile radius of a transit facility or
station. The New Jersey Department
of Transportation explains the SSTT
program is one of several pedestrian
safety initiatives funded through the
State Transportation Trust Fund (TTF).
The SSTT program provides funding
to counties and municipalities to
improve the overall safety and accessibility
for mass transit riders walking
to transit facilities. The grants range
from $150,000 to $1 million and will
help fund sidewalk and streetscape
improvements, ADA ramps, walkway
improvements and traffic signal improvements
among others.
MBTA breaks ground on
Quincy bus garage
▶ Officials broke ground on the
Massachusetts Bay Transportation
Authority's (MBTA) new Quincy Bus
Maintenance Facility. The existing
Quincy Bus Maintenance Facility
is the oldest in MBTA's system and
lacks the technology and space
required to support new buses. The
new facility, which is located within
a mile of where many Quincy bus
routes begin at the Quincy Center
Station, will accommodate up to 120
battery-electric buses and will allow
for potential service expansion. MBTA
plans to replace nine of its bus maintenance
facilities to accommodate
battery-electric vehicles and related
infrastructure. The authority plans to
invest $100 million annually to build
its zero-emission fleet, dependent on
when facilities are ready to accommodate
the new vehicles.
FTA awards $2.2 billion
additional assistance funds
from American Rescue Plan
▶ The Federal Transit Administration
(FTA) awarded $2.2 billion in federal
funding included in the American Rescue
Plan. The funding awarded is part of
additional pandemic recovery assistance
that will help transit agencies with financial
support to cover expenses related
to day-to-day operations, cleaning
and sanitization, combating the spread
of pathogens on transit systems and
retaining employees. Funding went to 35
entities. California saw the most awarded
funds, with 13 transit agencies and municipalities
receiving $632.5 million. The
smallest grant was awarded to Androscoggin
Valley Council of Governments
in Maine, which received $367,832 and
Metropolitan Transportation Authority in
New York received the highest individual
award of $769.2 million.
BendPak Model
Portable Column Lift
Certified to meet the
standards of ANSI/ALI
ALCTV: 2017
BendPak is the name that fleet operators rely on because they're the toughest lifts on earth.
And nowhere is that strength more impressive than on our PCL-18B series portable column
lifts. With a lifting capacity of 18,000 pounds for each column and paired configurations ready
to accommodate two, four, six or eight axle vehicles, the PCL-18B is ready to service trucks as
heavy as 144,000 pounds. From school buses and fire engines, to agricultural vehicles and utility
trucks, BendPak continues to make today's tough challenges yesterday's problems.
Visit us online at or call us at 1-800-253-2363.
1-800-253-2363 * BENDPAK.COM
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