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POWER REVIEW | EVERGLADES 230 CENTER CONSOLE, YAMAHA F300 Versatility, Accommodations and Unsinkable Construction By Andy Adams There are some good reasons why we're seeing more and more center console saltwater fishing boats appearing on our inland bodies of water across Canada-versatility, comfort and performance-and yes, they are great for fishing!    Let's start at the top-literally. Like most center consoles, our Everglades 230 Center Console test boat featured a full fiberglass hardtop and it was fairly long, offering a bit more sun protection than many. Of course, it keeps the rain off, but the hardtop also offers a handy mounting spot for lights, speakers, electronics, aerials and more. Our test boat included a zippered overhead compartment to keep lifejackets within arms reach. The top is on a large-diameter, white powder coated frame which is sturdy, attractive and allows you to grab it anywhere for a secure handhold. Around the trailing edge of the hardtop is an array of rod holders on very strong framing. All of these features make it much easier to step into the boat - just grab on anywhere and step down. If you've ever had the misfortune of slipping and falling into a fiberglass boat from 54 up on the dock, you know how important this can be. The decks are all finished in diamond pattern nonskid that continues right to the transom where you could also step on to the casting platforms or the swim platforms. The exterior provides functionality from bow to stern. At the stern, the swim platforms include a port side fold down boarding ladder and these let you get close enough to the water to bring in a really big fish, or to put on your ski or wakeboard with equal convenience.    Those port and starboard aft casting platforms are key fishing features and Everglades has cleverly added latches and hinges so you can swing these up to reveal port and starboard jump seats for family seating space. In between these is an enormous 27 gallon aerated live well. A thick clear plexiglass lid lets you keep an eye on things and it has a gasket to prevent spills. Locating the live well at the stern like this gives the fish the softest ride. Also in this area are controls for the live well and easily accessed switches for the dual batteries. C a n a d i a n Y a c h t i n g MAY 2016

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