Zahn Dental Sales Flyer - January/February 2014 - (Page 25)

Renfert Specials lay:art style (228-2415-AEA) Style Size 8 slim (each) $69.99 Ceramic natural hair brushes for each individual need, and mixing plate (228-2422-AEA) Style Size 8 bold (each) $69.99 Highest premium quality natural hair for consistent quality at the highest level without fluctuations (228-2424-AEA) Style Size 6 bold (each) $52.99 Fully achieved innovative manufacturing technology with the highest values in terms of tension, dimensional stability and longevity of the brush tip (228-2428-AEA) Style Size 4 cone (each) $29.99 4 sizes with different concepts shaped perfectly and tailored to the individual requirements and needs of the technician (228-2434-AEA) Style Set $39.99 (1- size 2, Opaq, Stain) (228-2423-AEA) Style Size 6 slim (each) $52.99 (228-2425-AEA) Style Size 4 slim (each) $29.99 (228-2426-AEA) Style Size 4 bold (each) $29.99 (228-2429-AEA) Style Size 2 (2 pcs) lay:art Crystal Aqua (228-2373-AEA) high quality glass, with 2 moisturizing strips for the perfect porcelain mixture. (8.67" x 4.73") Ergonomically optimized tray color ensures optimal contrast to the porcelains and fatigue-free working. g $174.99 $29.99 (228-2433-AEA) Style Stain brush (2 pcs) $24.99 8 slim lay:art crystal aqua $29.99 (228-2430-AEA) Style Opaquer (2 pcs) 8 bold 6 slim 6 bold 4 slim 4 bold lay:art color 2 opaque color lay:art natural lay:art color (228-2384-AEA) provides the optimum environment for working with different porcelain stains. (6.25" x 3.5") 13 drop-shaped, 4 round and 2 large wells are spread evenly and a smooth glaxed surface is available for further processing. The drop-shaped wells make it easier to use a brush, the sharp edges of the small round wells provide precise control of the liquid on the surface of the bristle. JANUARY/FEBRUARY SALE 4 cone* $94.99 lay:art Natural (228-2381-AEA) is made from natural agate, this tray is a real gem because the uniquel colors and patterns of agate compliment the lay:art design. (6.25" x 3.5") The pattern of this natural product is completely individual and its characteristics are ideal for mixing porcelain professionally. , p The tray is selected, shaped and trimmed manually. $174.99 Z TO ORDER CALL: 1-800-496-9500 25

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Zahn Dental Sales Flyer - January/February 2014
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Zahn Dental Sales Flyer - January/February 2014