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iNSiDE TECHNoLoGY MarkeTing essenTials Increased Sales Attributed to Product Attributes AAIA recently announced a for the collection and standardization of the attribute values. Industry volunteers will provide project leadRetailers have long understood the ership and oversight on the Product value of product-specific attributes Attributes Steering Committee. And in product selection and comparison. Recently, in the automotive aftermarket, hundreds of volunteers will be called upon to contribute and evaluate retailers have begun developing their the relevant attributes for each of own product attribute hierarchies and requiring suppliers to provide the values thousands of product categories. that apply to their product category. Today’s customer – whether a consumer, With direction from the Technology Standards Committee and AAIA Board service professional or store associate – expects to have access to any of Directors, AAIA approved a project and all of the information helpful to gather, normalize and publish the in making an informed product consensus attributes that apply to selection and purchase. Resellers products commonly traded in the understand the needs and expectaaftermarket. This will save resellers the expense of developing and maintaining tions of the customers for product their own hierarchy and spare suppliers information. And, no one knows the performance and physical attrithe redundant expense of supporting butes of the product better than the multiple competing sets of values. supplier. So, AAIA plans a collaborative effort between suppliers and All in the Details their distribution partners to arrive at Pricedex Software and Direct consensus on the relevant marketing Communications, Inc. (DCi) have attributes, product-by-product. been chosen to provide project leadership and a technical environment significant new initiative to standardize the definitions of thousands of product-specific marketing attributes. Performance and physical characteristics of a product are becoming essential to the effective marketing of products online and in the store. When customers understand every aspect of form, fit and function of a product, they can make the correct selection for their needs. Detailed product attributes contribute to increased sales and reduced returns by helping customers and sales associates make the best product selection or recommendation. Industry Insight During the organizational phase of the project this summer, AAIA is calling upon dozens of members who may already have attributes defined for their products to contribute those definitions as a starting point for the initiative. In the fall, teams of Subject Matter Experts will be formed to review the “super set” of attributes, determine what is missing and arrive at consensus on what is relevant to selling the correct product and meeting the customer’s needs. The Product Attributes Definition project is the most significant extension of the industry data standards since the development of the vehicle configuration database. AAIA is committed to meeting the needs of the industry for a single hierarchy of product attribute definitions. For more information and to learn how your company can benefit and contribute to this project, visit 20 | AFTERMARKET INSIDER | VOLUME 71

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