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EMBROIDERY >> HANDS ON DIGITAL DECORATING >> HANDS ON SCREEN PRINTING >> HANDS ON TECH TIPS HANDS ON >> A transfer is now ready for the heat and is configured for successful printing by using light pressure and extra paper outside the printable area. EMBROIDERY HANDS ON DIGITAL DECORATIN HANDS ON SCREEN PRINTING HANDS ON HANDS smooth onds expire, lift the heat again in aON motion. Wait two seconds and then slowly remove the transfer by starting in one corner and “rolling” it off the shirt. By focusing on the five key factors and following these five transfer steps, you can be printing high-margin performance apparel with sublimation in weeks. The technology has finally reached a point where it is worth the effort to gain the competitive advantage in the market. Christopher Bernat is chief revenue office at Vapor Apparel and currently is on the Board of Directors at SGIA. Previously, he was director of sales at Sawgrass Technologies. For more information or to comment on this article, e-mail Chris at To view a short video on this sublimation process, visit VaporApparel. TECH TIPS press” or “sling the shirt” — if you press for 35 seconds you should not have any issues of blow through. You should set up the shirt the same way every time to ensure consistent placement. Step 3: Align the Transfer: Now, take the transfer and place it on the foamraised area. Always check the lineup of the transfer twice before pressing. Also, make sure all the edges of the paper are off the foam-raised area and that the en- tire image is in the right place. Step 4: Secure the Transfer: This step depends on how you are set up with paper. If you use a tack sublimation transfer paper, you don’t need to tape the transfer in place. If you are not using this type of transfer paper, use heat tape to secure the transfer in place. Step 5: Press and Remove the Transfer: Now, to set the heat on the transfer with an even, fluid movement. After the 35 sec- Use Info•Action #21 at 60 Impressions >> March 2011

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Impressions - March 2011
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Impressions - March 2011