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upfront NEWH MAGAZINE EDITORIAL STAFF Editor in Chief: Joanie Neumayer Neumayer Associates T: 310.316.9913 E: Welcome – I just returned from the Lodging Conference in Phoenix and my mind is still spinning with the buzz (or blur) of this year. What a year can do in this business. The mood was upbeat, the café’s and wine glasses flowing – while we learn about how to adapt in this growing changing world of hospitality we work in. One can never forget how small this world is and the opportunity to work on projects in Joanie Neumayer any given market can many times be ours for the asking. But how do we get there? It is really about connecting the dots as I like to say and putting your best foot forward. My mind set is always to learn as much as possible with whatever I set out to do. So here I am…..connecting the dots with an organization that has so much potential for all of us. I welcome our new line up and editorial team and a special thank you to Lisa Haude for teeing us up for many more years to come. Joining me with the new Editorial direction is Nancy Bohnett. Welcome additions to the editorial team include Pat Miller, Nancy Trent and Cynthia Tripp. They bring expertise in different disciplines, but also can be our eyes and ears for Dallas, New York and the Chicago areas. In this issue you will see our take on a global perspective of adaptive re-use projects as well as regular new business feature areas. Associate Editor: Nancy Bohnett International Woodwork Corp. T: 719.598.1444 E: Editor/ United Kingdom: Sue Lamont Lamont Interiors P: 44 (0) 20.7603.7668 Editor/Canada: Andrea Benner Benner Group Interiors P: 905.309.3155 Editorial Team: Joane Franks CMI Hospitality P: 888.473.5050 E: Robin Holt Callison Architecture P: 206.623.4646 E: Pat Miller Leo A Daly P: 214.526.1144 E: Nancy Trent Trent & Company P: 212.966.0024 E: We look forward to hearing from you with your ideas and local chapter news. We cannot do this ourselves, so keep in touch. Cynthia Tripp Tripp Design P: 773.880.0245 E: Warm regards, Editorial Advisor: Lisa A. Haude Paradigm Design Group, LLC P: 281.256.1689 E: Joanie Advertising & Sales Lisa Kieffner Jasper Seating Company, Inc. P: 812.482.3204 E: Graphics & Printing Linda Maccaux Sir Speedy Printing 6

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of NEWH - November 2004

NEWH - November 2004
Letter From the President
Outgoing Editor
Hospitality News
Maintaining a Sense of Place...
Design-Related Resources Shine Brightly at 2004 IH/M&RS
Beds in Banks
The Fullerton Singapore Hotel
Woman of the Year - Lyndall De Marco
The Glasshouse Hotel, Edinburgh Scotland
What’s in a Brand Name
What You Need to Maximize Publicity
Coming Events
Chapter News and Events
Embrace Adaptive Re-Use Projects
NEWH UK Supports Serious Fun at Barretstown
IH/M&RS Gold Key Awards

NEWH - November 2004