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C O M PA N Y N E W S ACQ U I S I T I ON SA N D PA RTN E R S HI PS GP Strategies Corporation announced a joint development and services agreement with Information Technology Senior Management Forum, a national organization dedicated exclusively to cultivating executive talent among African-American technology professionals, to launch a new "Innovation and Creativity Learning Portal." The portal includes open enrollment training courses focused on creative thinking. Twitter announced its latest acquisition, along with a move into offering richer resources to attract better engineering talent to the company. It has bought Marakana, an open-source technical training company; and in turn, Marakana will be the force behind a new effort called Twitter University. SumTotal(R) Systems, LLC, an independent provider of integrated HR solutions, announced that Patterson Companies, a specialty distributor serving the dental, veterinary and rehabilitation supply markets, has selected SumTotal Talent Expansion applications to expand its mobile and social learning capabilities. CrossKnowledge announced its acquisition of Digital SK, a Brazilian e-learning provider. This external growth initiative brings a new dimension to CrossKnowledge, which now operates across the entire American continent and is able to provide optimum support for clients deploying international projects. Corporate Visions, Inc., a marketing and sales messaging, tools and training company, announced it has acquired Executive Conversation, Inc., a business and financial acumen sales training company. This deal further expands Corporate Visions' customer conversation system and makes it the industry's largest provider of consulting and training services for helping companies deliver selling conversations that create opportunities and win profitable business. IN D UST RYN E WS What Each Generation Looks for in a Leader To better understand the generational dynamics, the Center for Creative Leadership surveyed 5,940 baby boomers, generation Xers and millennials in the U.S. on what characteristics make leaders most effective. All three generations rated effective leaders as participative, team-oriented, charismatic and humane-oriented. Survey Reveals Lack of Confidence in Leadership Capability Global executives are suffering from a crisis of confidence. According to a survey by Harvard Business Publishing, their leaders lack the skills to achieve strategic goals, and the need to develop stronger leadership capability extends to middle managers, who are being asked to do more than ever before. Study Shows Two-Thirds of Companies are Using Social Learning Technology Saba, in partnership with HCM Advisory Group, announced a new research report, "State of the Industry Study: A Pulse on Social Learning," which examined how businesses are leveraging social learning, the areas of success, and some of the challenges faced when adopting it. The study surveyed more than 500 decision makers and showed that more than 65 percent of respondents are using social learning technology. Research on Language Use A business lexicon co-created by Ken Blanchard is making its way into the mash-up of common business and text lingo. Backed by research, the language is centered on Blanchard's Situational Leadership® II (SLII®) development model. The SLII vernacular provides shortcuts in communication to save time. The difference is that SLII provides a common, universal language across cultures and generations to help people understand each other and work better together. TRAINING INDUSTRY MAGAZINE - WINTER2014 I WWW.TRAININGINDUSTRY.COM/MAGAZINE Research on Value of e-Learning Adoption Docebo released a whitepaper to help large organizations understanding the value of e-learning solutions to improve workforce effectiveness and increasing skills transfers across various segments, while reducing costs. The whitepaper explore the challenges around identifying best practices when it comes to actual implementation and provider selection. INTERESTED IN SUBMITTING COMPANY NEWS? PLEASE SEND TO EDITOR@TRAININGINDUSTRY.COM 55

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Guest Editor: Meeting Today's Learning Consumers Where They Are
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How Smart Leaders Squash Employee Entitlement
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Women, Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
Key Trends for 2014: Shifting to Business-Centric Learning
The Promise of Badges for Learning and Development
The Business Leader's Bottom Line: Aligning Learning with Organizational Needs
Raising the Bar: The Impact of Sales Training on Effective Customer Engagement
The Language of Measurement: When to Assess, Evalutate and Test
Casebook: Combined Insurance: Ensuring Efficient Sales Training via Mobile Learning
The Challenge of Workplace Re-entry After Training
The Learning Shift: From Event to Process
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Training Industry Magazine - Winter 2014