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heart healthy SINGLE SERVE LEMON THYME GARLIC SALMON etarian QUICHE LORRAINE WITH ASPARAGUS SERVES FOUR SWEDISH STYLE MEATBALLS WITH EGG NOODLES FAMILY SIZE R FOR 2 PARMESAN E SALAD THREE CHEESE BLEND MACARONI & CHEESE vegetarian FAMILY STYLE ORGANIC TUSCAN PASTA TOSS FOR TWO ITALIAN SUBMARINE SANDWICH MEAL FOR FOUR BUSINESS 24 New Foods for a New Generation The latest trends in consumer eating and shopping might not be what they appear on the surface. Find out what this means for the supermarket bakery and deli. A Price War in Phoenix Pricing is the new battleground for the supermarket bakery/deli business in Phoenix, a marketplace that has suffered a dramatic shakeup since the height of the recession in 2008. ON THE COVER Find out the latest consumer eating habits from industry experts, and what these trends mean for bakery and deli. Illustration by Lauren Ferguson. (page 24) 28 CATEGORY MANAGEMENT 18 Bakery Development Perishables Group reports on the latest trends in pies. Deli Development Perishables Group reports on the latest trends in specialty cheese. TRENDS 10 Minimize Sandwiches for Maximum Appeal With the rise in popularity of tapas and small plates — smaller versions of full entrees — now is the time to bring mini sandwiches and sliders to the forefront of your prepared foods menu. Labeling Regulation Poses Burden Primarily developed to create a federally standardized labeling system for chain restaurants, the rules for labeling of standard menu items are being blanketed over grocery stores as well. Weight Loss Trends Education and awareness have played a critical role in swaying consumers’ understanding of healthy weight loss. Adopting healthier eating habits, consumers are beginning to develop a new perspective on weight control. 22 DEPARTMENTS 06 10 12 18 22 33 34 35 37 Frontline News Foodservice Retail Baking & Decorating Bakery Development Deli Development Food Safety Health & Nutrition Cheese Corner Product Trends 33 34 contents

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inStorebuyer - June 2012
Editor's Note - How Consumers Eat
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Frontline News - CSM to Divest Bakery Supplies
Frontline News - Register for All Things Baking
Frontline News - Chang wins Supermarket Chef Showdown
Frontline News - Haggen Hires Bakery Director
Frontline News - Kings Unveils Innovative Store
Frontline News - Culpitt Ltd. Wins Queen’s Award
Frontline News - Consumers Watch Sodium Intake
Food Serivce Retail - Minimize Sandwiches for Maximum Appeal
Baking & Decorating - Decorate to Win
Bakery Development - Seek New Opportunities with Pies
Deli Development - Specialty Cheese Broaden Appeal
Foods of the Decade
A Price War in Phoenix
Food Safety - Labeling Regulation Poses Burden
Health & Nutrition - Weight Loss Trends
Cheese Corner - Teaching Cheese
Product Trends
Product Showcase
Marketplace Network
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inStorebuyer - June 2012