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can be quickly detected and corrective
action can be taken. "
Monitoring critical process parameters
to ensure consistent product quality is
a crucial step to scaling up. This may
include checking temperatures and
time controls during raw processing,
thermal processing, cooling and freezing
processes. In-plant monitoring allows
for identifying deviations or areas of
optimization that can impact product
safety or quality.
" It is more important than ever for
meat and poultry manufacturers to
meet a wide variety of demands, " says
Ms. Schwartz. " Kemin can help with
the perfect solution to best meet brand
goals for label claims and transparency,
while managing shelf life and ultimately
pleasing consumers. "
InnoBLQ™ Improves Breaded Products
Consumers continue
to seek out convenience
with value-added meat
and poultry, which includes
breaded and battered
products, according to the
Power of Meat 2023. This is
expected to continue, as 35%
of shoppers surveyed for the
study said they often do not
have as much time to prepare
dinner as they would like.
Breadings and batters
provide fully cooked, heatand-eat
products an extra
dimension of character.
Adding spices, herbs,
seeds, nuts, and even fruit
and vegetable particulates
creates differentiation in the
marketplace. Global flavor
profiles are also welcome
in this space. What is not
appreciated is excessive
fat uptake, which adds
calories, reduces crunch
and raises the chance of
oxidation leading to off-flavor
" Consumers love breaded
and fried foods, but only
when they are crispy on
the outside, tender on the
inside and have a satisfying,
less greasy mouthfeel, "
says Courtney Schwartz,
Marketing Director at Kemin.
" Beyond this great-eating
experience, consumers also
want labels with ingredients
they recognize. "
To assist, Kemin now
offers InnoBLQ™, a clean
label functional protein
designed for industrial
battered, breaded and fried
foods. The functional protein
system forms a micro barrier
around items to inhibit frying
oil from being absorbed into
the breading. Depending
on the coating system, fat
uptake may be reduced up to
50%. Less moisture is also
lost in the product during
frying, which may result in
increased yield.
" InnoBLQ provides
manufacturers the
opportunity to meet the label
claims and product attributes
consumers desire, while
achieving greater yields, "
says Ms. Schwartz. " It has
excellent flavor with no
competing flavors. "

Product Quality - Kemin 2023

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