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Indianapolis Airport Authority and Lamar
Advertising Company Ink Seven-year Deal
On March 4, Lamar Advertising Company announced
the company has been awarded the advertising and
sponsorship contract for the Indianapolis
International Airport (IND), beginning
March 1.
During the first year, Lamar will
initiate a high-impact digital upgrade
across the airport, featuring large format
digital locations and additional elements at
key passenger engagement points. Lamar's
platform will include sponsorships, custom
displays, tension fabric signage, wraps,
clings and several exterior opportunities for brands.
" We look forward to the capabilities Lamar Advertising
will provide at the Indy airport that will impact not only
our travelers, but also the local businesses and community
groups that advertise at the airport, " said Marsha Stone, senior
director of commercial enterprise for the Indianapolis Airport
Authority. " Indy is known for hosting major sporting events
and conventions, and airport advertising is a key component
of their event branding and visitor welcome. "

Yellowstone Regional Airport Joint Powers
Board Announces New Airport Director
The Yellowstone Regional Airport Joint Powers Board has
named Aaron Buck, C.M., as airport director for Yellowstone
Regional Airport (COD). Buck is a skilled aviation executive
with more than ten years of experience in airport operations,
security, ARFF and airport administration. In his new position,
Buck will direct the operations, maintenance,
and development of COD. He will manage
community relations, air service development,
marketing, f iscal oversight, and strategic
planning that will position the airport to meet
the community's current and future air travel
and general aviation needs. Buck began his new
position on March 8.
" I am honored and excited to fill the role
of Airport Director at Yellowstone Regional
Airport, " said Buck. " I have the opportunity
to join a great team of airport staff, board members, and
community leaders. I am eager to use our collaborative skills
and experience to further the airport's mission. "

AECOM and Ferrovial to Design Vertiport
Infrastructure to Enable eVTOL Aviation in Florida
AECOM and Ferrovial have partnered to design a
network of vertiports connecting strategic locations in
major Florida cities. Vertiports are a key component
in enabling innovation in electric aircraft that take off
and land vertically (eVTOL) by providing the necessary
infrastructure for landing, recharging, and departure.

" We are excited to work with Ferrovial on the design of
this vertiport network that exemplifies
the future of air mobility. It is
important for us that the design of
the vertiport infrastructure reflects the
innovative nature of the eVTOL crafts
while creating a warm, welcoming
environment, " said Elisabeth Bernitt,
senior vice president and managing principal with AECOM's
Buildings and Places business. " By incorporating f lexible
and modular elements our partners will be able to scale the
vertiports with growth, permitting an efficient space that
allows for future innovation while emphasizing the passenger
experience. "

Tom McLaughlin Named President of HDR's
Global Transportation Program
HDR has named transportation industry leader Tom
McLaughlin, P.E., president of its awardwinning global transportation program.
McLaughlin succeeds former President Brent
Felker, who retired at the end of 2020.
McLaughlin, an executive vice president
at HDR, will focus on continuing the growth
of its transportation program, which includes
over 4,000 employees and generated more
than a billion dollars in new revenue in 2020.
HDR provides traditional planning and design,
program and construction management, and
infrastructure advisory services in every transportation sector,
including highways and roads, transit, maritime, aviation
and freight rail. In 2020, that work included projects on four
continents and in more than 1,000 communities across the
Based in New York, McLaughlin will be responsible for
developing and guiding the long-term strategy and vision to
meet the evolving and complex needs of HDR's public and
private transportation clients. Staff development focused on
training and career opportunities and investment in programs,
technologies and new tools to enhance and expand service
capabilities are a priority. He will continue to promote and
support HDR's inclusion and diversity initiative across all
program activities.

CLT Implements Healthy Building Initiative
Charlotte Douglas International Airport is investing in the
latest technology to help deter the spread of COVID-19
and give passengers the confidence to f ly again.
Bipolar ionization was integrated into CLT's HVAC
system. The technology releases ions into the air that latch
onto and disable viruses, allergens, bacteria and airborne mold
to provide continuous disinfection.
UV-C light installation is underway on escalator and
moving sidewalk handrails. Completion is scheduled for the



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