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The Chicago Pneumatic Cordless Angle
Grinder, No. CP8345, combines efficient
performance with a highly ergonomic design
that maximizes comfort for end users. The
CP8345 is compact and features a thin main
grip and tight housing for enhanced handling
and ease of operation. The 4.5'' wheel size
provides up to 8,500 rpm of grinding power,
making it ideal for use in body shops, MRO
applications, and for technicians working on
light and heavy vehicles.
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The Mac Tools High Performance 1/2" Drive
Air Impact Wrench, No. MPF990501, offers a
proprietary anvil forging process designed for
long anvil life. This impact wrench features
a removable and rechargeable trigger-activated light (charger included), a variablespeed trigger for speed control, a valvelever designed for easy speed adjustment,
and a for ward
handle design
for comfort
and balance.
T h e co m pact magnesium housing
provides lightweight
durability, and a muffler pad helps provide
noise reduction. This
tool weighs 4.8 lbs and
is 6.4" long.

The Yokota YZ-T Battery Shutoff Wrench by
Ingersoll Rand reaches the set target value
quickly and delivers precise, high-speed
fastening with enhanced ergonomics and
reactionless technology. The tool will automatically shut off
when the
set value
has been
detected. A
sealed hydraulic
pulse unit reduces
the torque reaction
from the tool while in
use, and the high-speed
brushless motor
produces minimal
vibration and noise
levels. The tool is
lightweight at 3.5
lbs, and the weight is
evenly balanced to reduce operator fatigue.
In addition, the YZ-T delivers 4,800 rpm of free
speed, is compact to work in tight spaces, and
offers configurations with a 3/8" square or
1/4" quick-change output drive.
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The AME International TorqIT torque gun
series is made in the U.S.A. and was designed
to provide high-precision battery-operated
torque. Available in four models ranging from
120 to 3,000 ft-lbs in torque, the TorqIT torque
guns are ideal in tire service applications on
equipment and vehicles in the commercial
and OTR industries. Battery-powered and
lightweight, the series allows for portability
and one-person operation. The batteries are
equipped to last approximately 300 to 500
sequences on a full charge and once low, they
can be fully recharged within 60 minutes. The
digital programmable screen on each model
provides consistent and accurate torque with
every use. The TorqIT also features a built-in
speaker that emits an audible beeping indicator, as well as a visual indicator as the reaction
arm backs off the wheel nut as the desired
torque is met. Each torque gun is outfitted
with a standard reactionary arm, and other
styles are available .
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1,400 FT-LBS OF

JET's line of 3/4" and 1" Composite Impact
Wrenches deliver power, durability, and a lightweight
design in a short and well-balanced package. These tools
generate 1,400 ft-lbs of torque with reduced vibration. The balance
of these tools gives the user the control they want without losing
the power they need to get the job done, says the company. These
tools work well for large fastener breakdowns and fastening, general
maintenance, and general truck repairs.
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JPW Industries

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