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Uniqlo and Digital Signage - A Perfect Fit Unique ad concepts add visual dynamics to store environments. By Louis M. Brill Photo credit: Louis M. Brill “A well-placed, dynamic-video sign with strong graphic quality resonates more with a customer than traditional signage. It’s the best means for high-impact communications with shoppers.” – NEC spokesperson The highly retailer UNIQLO – successful Japanese casual-wear known as a purveyor of “Wow!” – excites both in the clothes it designs and sells, and in its in-store marketing that uses digital signage to impart the wow. Uniqlo defines itself as an international leader in style, quality and fun. Its first retail store opened in Hiroshima in 1984. The Japanese holding company, Fast Retailing, manages Uniqlo and, as of August 2012, the international retail chain comprised 1,132 stores in 13 countries. Its 2012 revenue was $10.6 billion. Uniqlo currently operates five, U.S.-based stores, but has plans for more. Today, New York City houses three -- SoHo, 34th St. and on Fifth Ave. New Jersey enjoys one in its Westfield Garden State Mall; and San Francisco’s store is in Union Square. The company assigns flagship status to the Fifth Ave. and San Francisco stores and there, expectedly, digital signage is a major design fixture. Jean-Emmanuel Shein, Uniqlo’s U.S. director of marketing, expressed the company’s enthusiasm for digital signage. He said, “Our stores are the heart of our brand. It’s where our customers connect directly to our product and experience our service firsthand.” The firm believes in rich, in-store experiences and 58 SIGNS OF THE TIMES / FEBRUARY 2013 / sees both electronic and printed signage as enhancing the experience. The shop’s storefront architecture characteristically incorporates large (floor to ceiling when possible) glass windows. In daylight, the welcoming windows illuminate the store interior with natural light and, more importantly, they allow product views, which, in turn, encourage drop-in visits. As important, the windows create expanded videowall sightlines as an additional draw for customers. Uniqlo so embraces its digital signage that it is the voice of the company. Additionally, it strives to impart its brand as a lifestyle experience. Because it’s in the fashion business, the firm further applies digital signs as a virtual catwalk, to showcase the various fashions. Uniqlo’s digital signage is so

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Signs of the Times - February 2013