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the king of all surprises For an ensemble there’s nothing like practicing your craft at the Disneyland® or Walt Disney World® Resort. Recently that experience was made even more special for the Decatur Central High School Show Choir. Photos of Mufasa and Nala by Lois Greenfield. Photo of Simba by Simon Turtle. ©Disney 20 | N extra credit

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Disney Extra Credit - Fall 2012

Disney Extra Credit - Fall 2012
Events Corner
Career Spotlight
Center Stage
Disney Parks News
Disney Performing Arts Alumni
Competitive Performances
Start Spreading The News
The King Of All Surprises
It's Showtime
Real-World Education
Benefits Of Student Travel
Travel Planner Honors
Music With A Cause
Mickey's Mind Teasers

Disney Extra Credit - Fall 2012