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s to Gregory Batuyios, son of Brother Louis J. Batuyios, Cape Fear Chapter 408, Wilmington, N.C., and Nadine Batuyios, represented AHEPA and participated in the 2010 Athens Marathon on October 31. This year’s event was the 2,500-year Anniversary of the Battle of Marathon and had a record number of participants. Greg completed the Marathon in four hours and 28 minutes…his first Marathon ever! Approximately 21,500 people from 88 countries participated in this year’s anniversary event. Reports indicated some 12,500 runners participated in the Marathon to Athens 42K run and another 8,000 participated in the 5K and 10K races, while others walked just to be part of this historic event. Greece had the largest number of participants with 3,000 while the USA followed with 2,250. Louis and Nadine traveled to Greece to cheer for their son and witness this historic event. While AHEPA had reserved 300 spots in the 2010 ATHENS Marathon, Greg was one of approximately 75 runners who represented AHEPA in the race. Greg was exhausted, thrilled, excited and proud when he crossed the Finish Line. He said that he appreciated the monetary contribution made by the AHEPA Brothers in the Cape Fear Chapter 408, his family and friends. Their contributions covered Greg’s $5,100 entry fee, which benefited the AHEPA Charitable Foundation. The 2010 Athens Marathon is one that Greg and his parents will remember for many years to come. Article Reprinted with the Permission of The National Herald In Their Own Words… Gregory Batuyios (center) with his parents, Nadine and Louis Batuyios. Nina Antonakes, Past Chapter 220 President, Daughters of Penelope, Toronto I’d like to thank you again for sponsoring me in the Athens Marathon fundraiser. With your support I managed to come in second internationally in fundraising, and raise $7,217 for the AHEPA Bone Marrow Registry. I am happy to report that I did complete the entire marathon and the experience will live with me forever. I had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people and learn many new things. I learned that the Athens marathon is ranked the 2nd most difficult in the world (second only to Boston)…. I learned that doing math problems in your head while you’re running is a good way to take the focus off of the pain in your body…I learned what an incredible feeling it is when a Greek spectator hands you an olive branch while you’re running and thanks you for participating in their country’s event…I learned that cursing (and crying) at the sight of another hill is OK, and expected…I learned that there is no shade anywhere on the road between Marathon and Athens…I learned that the last 5 kms are much longer than the first 5...but most importantly I learned that nothing can prepare you for the euphoria and overwhelming rush of emotion you feel when you run into the ancient Greek stadium and cross that finish line. Thank you all for helping me to achieve this experience of a lifetime! Nina Antonakes Winter 2010-11 the ahepan 13

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The AHEPAN - Winter 2010/2011
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AHEPA Conference Explores Emerging Relations Between Greece, Israel
Community Excellence Honored in New England
AHEPA Runners to the Front of the Marathon Line
The Newest Thing in Ancient History: The New National Hellenic Museum
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The AHEPAN - Winter 2010/2011