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Contents FEBRUARY 2014 42 First African American flight attendant Joan Dorsey in 1964 COVER: Queen's Bath tide pools on Eleuthera in the Bahamas. Photo by Raymond Patrick. 42 Reaching New Heights How brave African Americans fought for their place in the skies. 46 Eleuthera An unexpected and pristine island jewel in the Bahamas. 96 The Roads Less Traveled Discover Tri-Valley, the Bay Area's hidden gem. embark explore engage Greetings and opening remarks, plus a look behind the scenes at US Airways. Our take on travel, fashion, adventure, gear, food and drink, and more. Your source for airline information, including maps, entertainment guides, and menus. 6 CEO Letter 9 From the Editor 11 Did You Know? What's changing for you with the merger. 12 Making It Happen Saving a life at 30,000 feet. ELSEWHERE IN THIS ISSUE 60 University of California at San Diego 64 Celebrate Black History Month PHOTO COURTESY OF AMERICAN AIRLINES Memorable events and unsung heroes of the Civil Rights movement, plus the growing legacy of the HBCU. 15 Diversions Philly or Seattle? 155 Your US Airways Guide Who wins the battle of the 156 Video Entertainment nation's top public markets? 158 Audio Entertainment Celebration of Fine Art in 20 1 Scottsdale. 22 The Philadelphia 60 Domestic Service Map Mint 162 International Service Map 25 Connections New depart 164 Airport Terminal Maps ment on business and tech. 168 Passenger Info/ 26 Style Spotlight Can't miss Contact US Airways fashions for any island getaway. 169 US Airways MarketPlaceĀ® 31 Adventure Why Salt Lake 170 Fleet/Customs & Immigration City boasts the "greatest snow 171 Giving: The Hope Takes on Earth." 36 Wet and wild fun in Arizona. 38 Gear Up Smart (and fun) tools for your workouts. Institute 131 Must Read I'll Take You There book excerpt. 144 Readers Resource Index 138 Puzzles 172 Window or Aisle? 52 Great Tastes Top cuisine from around the globe in central Arizona. 94 Best of Health: Miami Beach Foot & Ankle Surgery Flight Campaign 92 Best of Health: Desert Spine @USAirwaysMag FEBRUARY 2014 1

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of US Airways - February 2014

Table of Contents
CEO Letter
From the Editor
Did You Know?
Making It Happen
Diversions: Public Markets
Diversions: Celebration of Fine Art in Scottsdale
Diversions: The Philadelphia Mint
Style Spotlight: Cruise Control
Adventure: Skiing Salt Lake City
Adventure: Arizona Wet & Wild
Gear Up: Workout Tools
US Airways: History of African Americans in Aviation
Travel Feature: Eleuthera in the Bahamas
Great Tastes: Phoenix Dining
University of California at San Diego
Celebrate Black History Month: HBCUs
Best of Health: Desert Institute for Spine Care
Best of Health: Miami Beach Foot & Ankle Surgery
Visit Tri-Valley, California
Must Read: I'll Take You There by Greg Kot
Readers Resource Index
Your US Airways Guide
Video Entertainment
Audio Entertainment
U.S. and Caribbean Service Map
International Service Map
Airport Terminal Maps
Passenger Info/Contact US Airways
US Airways MarketPlaceĀ®
US Airways Fleet/Customs & Immigration
Giving: The Hope Takes Flight Campaign
Window or Aisle?

US Airways - February 2014