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WindoWs /doors Installing New and Improved Windows Quality glass enhances comfort and safety while cutting costs BY SHAWN MOSELEY T he price of gas on Oahu is averaging $3.39, which has held through the holidays and now into the new year. The electric bill, however, has not seen the same reduced rate, which leaves many scratching their head with energy usage going down and their bill going up. When planning and executing a budget of operating expenses for 2015 consider what will be done if this trend continues in a state where electricity usage ranks among the highest in the nation. How will we prepare for the summer months when the weather no longer dips into 60-degree range and soars into the 80s and 90s again? Here's where Mother Nature steps in and helps "lucky" Hawaii residents with passive cooling. If you are one of the lucky ones in a high- 16 February-March 2015 BMH The local building codes have and continue to make jalousie windows exempt in critical locations where all other window types are required to have safety glass. rise built prior to 1994 you might have windows that actually open and do their intended job. Of course, saying you are lucky to have an "old" high rise with "old" windows is a loaded compliment that may seem more like an insult when you consider the cost to fix those windows, not to mention the question of who owns them, which always leads to who is going to pay the bill? Here are some tips to consider that can help you along the way and hopefully bring the building up to current building code requirements and also keep it on good standing with your insurance carrier. Safety Glass Many windows in our condominiums use float glass. When broken, float glass breaks into large shards dangerous to people and property. Safety glass comes in two forms: laminated and tempered. Laminated glass when

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Editor’s Note: Energy Management
Insider’s Guide to Picking a Security Company for Your Property
Industry News
Dealing with Graffiti and Glass Damage
Hawaii’s High-Tech Roofing Products
Building and Management Expo Set
Installing New & Improved Windows
Window Film Cuts Glare, Energy Bills
Reassessing Hurricane Preparedness
An ESA Can Deliver Peace of Mind
Checking a Building’s Energy Score
Managing PV Energy Consumption
The Ultimate Energy-Efficient Building
What to Know About Chiller Plants
New Trends Emerge in HVAC Systems
Walk-throughs Vital to Engineers
Trapped in the Web of Act 326
Faces: The IREM Banquet

Building Management Hawaii