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perspectives 5 questions for karim rashid Designer Karim Rashid 1 You've worked with Kenzo, Audi, Armani, Alessi, even on manhole covers in New York-is there anything left for you to design? I'm designing a new shoe collection, travel accessories and luggage, furniture for several Italian, Spanish, and Austrian companies, tech accessories, and inflight tableware for a major airline. I have never had writer's block-I have more ideas than companies could ever produce. 2 3 Where do you find inspiration? I am constantly looking at the world around me and critiquing objects, seeing how they could be redesigned. I observe and sketch profusely and constantly. I am motivated by my desire to beautify the world through design. Design is about challenging and elevating the human spirit. I also feel like innovation comes out of limitations. Some of my most creative work has come out of a small interiors budget or limitations with tooling. Tell us about your work on the Poli Hotel in Tel Aviv and the Prizeotel Hannover, Germany location, both opening in the fall. For Prizeotel, I'm continuing the [brand's] casual, seamless design that is simple, sensual, colorful, and high performance but created with a very low construction budget. Poli Hotel is more upscale and built in a landmarked 1930s Bauhaus building. The design is a marriage of Bauhaus and the digital age, form and function, crafts and fine arts, digital and organic, simplicity and ornamentation, white and my accent colors. 4 5 What draws you to hotel design? I love the larger experiential impact an interior can have on people's lives. With hospitality design or a public space, I know that masses of people have access to my designs, and they aren't just looking at it-they are physically immersing themselves inside my concepts. Where do you see design headed? I see the future of our aesthetic world crossing all disciplines so that design, art, fashion, food, and music fuse together to increase our existence and bring greater pleasure to our material and immaterial lives.

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Hospitality Design - August 2015
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Hospitality Design - August 2015