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022 designer picks Material Innovations LORI TRAVIS KOLTHOFF CREATIVE MANAGING DIRECTOR, RESOURCE DESIGN, FRCH DESIGN WORLDWIDE @FRCH G LASS, PAPER, ORGANIC or otherwise? It's your call. Today's material choices are endless. As retailers look to brand-specific products, creating unique and one-of-akind items is now an opportunity with a multitude of options, thanks to the technology of today. Sustainability efforts have also brought forth new products and new technologies. Due to this movement, it's only natural to look to biomimicry as inspiration for new technology as well. And why not, it is why we are sustainable, right? Here's a look... 1. Digital Printing Technology is an opportunity that encompasses a multitude of material options. Whether you would like a translucent color printed on glass or transforming a hard material into an organic shape, you can now achieve this using a digital print. 2. 3-D Printing Technology has emerged as an affordable creative outlet to fabricators, designers and artisans alike. These printers can print in more than 100 different materials. By using the 3-D technology to brand a material, you minimize the time it takes to perfect the idea and produce that idea in 3-D, instantly. 3. 2-D Custom Mosaic Software can be taken out of the printing arena and coupled with timeless, classic materials. Taking glass, stone and unglazed porcelain, new technology now allows us to create patterns and art. This sophisticated software gives you all the advantages of altering the scale, color, placement and material to match your vision. 4. Have you ever heard of a "Tweel?" The development of this product was initiated from 3-D Laser Engraving technology, and it is something that the military industry developed to help the troops move tanks across terrain that would puncture a tire as we know it today. Laser engraving marks, cuts and engraves in one step using an optical recognition system that allows for extremely accurate cuts. 5. Biomimicry's Nanotechnology has brought us surfaces with an invisible layer that can self clean and protect against moisture. There are clear siloxane products that repel graffiti from paint and permanent markers. These products are water-based, low-VOC, UV-resistant and environmentally friendly. Products that can be protected include wood, concrete, metal, brick, CMU, natural stone and stucco. LORI TRAVIS KOLTHOFF IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF ALL RESOURCES FOR FRCH DESIGN WORLDWIDE. SHE WORKS ON VARIOUS PROJECTS THAT INCLUDE LARGE- TO SMALL-SCALE RETAIL PROJECTS, ALL THE WHILE CONTROLLING DESIRED AESTHETICS, FUNCTION, DURABILITY, BUDGET AND A TECHNICAL EXPERTISE. FEBRUARY 2014 DESIGNRETAILONLINE.COM Photo courtesy of FRCH DESIGN WORLDWIDE http://www.DESIGNRETAILONLINE.COM

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design:retail - February 2014
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design:retail - February 2014