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op-ed Pot or GRAND Poll: Is it time to legalize marijuana? Not? Pot proponents argue that it is hypocritical to outlaw pot when cigarettes, alcohol and fat-laden foods are legal but account for so many health issues. They point out that marijuana is used to treat medical symptoms such as pain and nausea and that in some states it is legal for shops to dispense medical marijuana. The billions that are spent in the U.S. on policing and courts could be spent on better schools or infrastructure. Boomer grandparents have a unique perspective on marijuana. Early in our generation, pot use was far from mainstream; then the ’60s opened the door to widespread experimentation with all sorts of socalled recreational drugs. Now, as 21st century grandparents Share this article with your friends. “There is no justification for making criminals out of adults who choose to relax with a substance that is safer than alcohol.” we are looking out for a vulnerable new generation. Is pot the doorway to a lifetime of drug abuse, or is it a relatively harmless indulgence? Tell us what you think! GRANDPoll: We want your opinion Email GRAND to tell us your opinion: __ Yes, decriminalize marijuana __ No, keep pot illegal Tell us Yes or No, and why you think so. — Morgan Fox, Marijuana Policy Project Check out... • “Legalization of Marijuana: Potential Impact on Youth,” P • “Why Legalizing Marijuana Makes Sense,”, April 2, 2009 • More articles from, 2006-2011 MAR APR 2011 GRAND 51 ediatrics, June 2004 photo: © Iurii,8599,1889021,00.html#ixzz1DatTBDqU,8599,1889021,00.html#ixzz1DatTBDqU,8599,1889021,00.html#ixzz1DatTBDqU|BTWN+20060901+20110228

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Grand - Mar/Apr 2011
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Tanner, a poem by Glenda Barrett
Cover Story: Envisioning Clean and Green
Fly, Ladies!
Take Charge of Your Health
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Angels in St. Petersburg
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Grandparent Rights: Sneaking Around
Ask Next Stage Woman
Kinship Care
Fighting Family Obesity
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Pot or Not?

GRAND Magazine - March/April 2011