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[SOCIAL MEDIA] Tweet suite The training industry regularly shares ideas, resources and inspirations through social media sites like Twitter. Here’s a snapshot of some current conversations from around the industry and around the world. ¿ s max Brown ¿ Ken Blanchard some say it doesn’t matter what others think. I suggest that you ask your customers and clients if that is true. ¿ Impact learning managing Your Boss – 3 Keys to leading up Customer experience expectations have Changed in our alwaysConnected world #custserv #cx - ¿ elearning learning training humor – the worst salesperson in the world! ¿ Kaplan university every new day brings an opportunity to achieve your goals! #Inspiration Can Bloom’s taxonomy be applied to social media, #social #learning and other digital learning? New #elguild report hr starts with Communications & Collaboration ¿ raptivity the top 10 reasons why your mobile learning strategy can fail, read more! ¿ Dan rockwell ¿ the Forum Corporation let go of annoying jargon. here are 44 timeless #business #sayings worth committing to memory via @Forbes. 44 ¿ american management experiences that help emerging leaders grow. (via @gallupJournal) #leadership | ¿ Jane hart (C4lpt) ¿ Charles Jennings experience will always trump content-centered learning. why Informal learning is Crowding out Formal learning. leadership training tips for sustainable growth: ¿ upside learning #elearning on ipads - 10 Bright Ideas - - by @ alan2907 #lt13uK #astDtK13 ¿ elearning guild ¿ gp strategies Corp “Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.” margaret thatcher #leadership ¿ Jeffrey gitomer everyone has the dream. to make your dream reality you need the plan, the process, the people, the persistence, the patience, & the passion. Make a connection & join the discussion: • Join the linkedIn group • Follow on twitter • Like the page on Facebook Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2013 / A Training Industry, Inc. magazine /!/trainingindustr!/trainingindustr

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Training Industry Quarterly - Spring 2013

Training Industry Quarterly - Spring 2013
From Where I Sit: Back to the Basics
Table of Contents
Ad Index
Guest Editor: A Brave New World
Extracting Learning From Work
Poor Behavior: Your Brain is Partly to Blame
How to Design Engaging Training Programs
The Missing Link in Learning
Don't Let Training Be Half-Baked
What the Latest Brain Research Tells Us about Designing Learning that Sticks
Motivation: The Key to Learning Transfer
Improving Learning Outcomes with a Bite-Sized Strategy
Adult Development: Predicting Learning Success
From One Brain to Another: What We've Learned about Learning
Formalizing Informal Learning
Tracking Trends
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Training Industry Quarterly - Spring 2013