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SCORA's endless summer ful setting for a race; the water is clear and crisp, and the coastline offers a wonderful backdrop for the race. Additionally the awards for the teams were unique in that an overall team trophy was vidual on the team also received a medal. The Whitey Harrison Dana 9-man is a beautiedy. Lest we forget that Freedom is never free, we took a moment to remember the lives lost ing. that day before we started our weekend of racCatalina this year brought us some new presented made from an old iako, and each indiThe Anacapa Classic hosted by Oxnard Canoe challenges and interesting island landing. We no longer host our canoes at Descanzo, instead we are welcomed with open arms by the City of Photos by Chris Silvester less than five hours. In the men's race, "Catalina 2011 was memo- rable in the fact that the weather and ocean conditions didn't dictate an obvious team favorite going into it. This year's event was an all-out drag race across 35 miles of calm seas with no wind. The surfed the most waves or had the best canoe, teams that won this race didn't win because they they won because they paddled the hardest and the fastest as a team."- Tyler, SDOCC. We also spirit of 'keeping up with the Jones's', SCORA saw the beginnings of things yet to come. In the is entertaining including the unlimited, open or and Kayak out of Oxnard Harbor is another pic–right? This is our version of the Na Pali Coast Relay; we run a coed race with what has been dubbed "bus stop changes" where every halfteam to men's team. The 30 mile race leaves turesque race course, not that anyone is looking Avalon, and beached our 40 canoes at the Green Pleasure Pier. It was a fantastic scene as canoe upon the beach in the middle of town. The City location at the Field of Dreams, a little walk up Catalina Ave. We then did what we do best, after canoe came rolling to the shore and hoisted Public Works team set a great party and awards hour the whole crew changes from a women's the harbor and heads to Anacapa Island and Arch Rock then over towards an oil rig before it turns to head back on the swell towards the harbor finish line. In Oceanside, we have the Paopao 9-man "other class" racing with the introduction of the and that’s celebrate a great day. We did delay the race out of Newport due to a thunder and lightning storm. "We were preparing to launch at 7:00 am when the sun was soon overtaken by the giant thunder-head, and a wall of rain, 200lb canoes coming over from Tahiti and Kamanu Composites. It will make for interesting off-season race committee meetings I'm sure. dlers to their final, solo journey, and we were As is true worldwide, ohana's lose great pad- race. How we ever even manage to field teams with the Discovery Channel running "shark week" al number of sightings in our southern waters races- phew! lightning, wind and hail. It was the perfect storm. The start of the race was delayed an hour. The sky cleared up, but the ocean was still stirred up ming, and hulis, but most importantly “stories” that will last a life time." - Amanda V. no different. SCORA lost two of our family, one Fitzgibbons of Oceanside, Santa Barbara and to a three-month battle with cancer, Bob "Fitz" even a little time spent in Australia; and then Lennon of Kai Elua, Marina, and Venice Beach every year is a mystery to me. We had an unusuthis year, but they managed to stay clear of our Catalina. September 10 and 11th was also and rather feisty. Thirty-miles of paddling, swim- suddenly to heart-related complications, Mark fame. Both were greatly loved and both are terribly missed. Their spirit and energy ride with us on each wave as we paddle on. memorable for the anniversary of the 9-11 trag- two of the 30-plus women's teams finishing in Conditions made for a brutal event with only 26 Pacific Paddler - October 2011

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HCRA States
40th Annual Queen Liliuokalani
Hui Waa score board
OHCRA score board
Peter Caldwell's Pics
Duke Kahanamoku
Dad Center
To ride Kalehuawehe
Honolulu Elks Keiki OceanFest
2012 IVF World Outrigger Sprint
Kailua Bay Ironman Challenge
Vancouver’s Oceanman
SCORA's endless summer
Super Aito
Watch out for Props
Voyages of Malolo
Core Strengthening for Paddlers

Pacific Paddler magazine - October 2011