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PCSO BUSINESS TRUSTEE’S REPORT TO PCSO WINTER 2013 By Dr. Robert Varner, AAO Trustee F Dr. Varner or the past several years, the actions of the AAO Board of Trustees, and the news items that have the potential to affect AAO members and our profession of orthodontics, have been reported through my Trustee Report in the PCSO Bulletin. For this edition of the Trustee Report, I would like to take a moment of personal privilege, and reminisce. It seems like yesterday that I was sworn in at the 2005 AAO House of Delegates as the new trustee for PCSO. Dr. Pracht was president; Dr. Joondeph was the trustee moving to president-elect; the location was San Francisco. Life has come full circle: the year I am president of the AAO will end in 2015 in San Francisco. This will be my final report as your trustee, as I will be moving to president-elect at the AAO Annual Session in Philadelphia. Dr. Norm Nagel will be coming on board as your new PCSO trustee. The strength of the AAO comes from each constituent society choosing its trustee, each of whom serves seven years as trustee, one year as trustee and secretary-treasurer, one year as president-elect, and finally as president. It gives strength and continuity to the board—and it all goes by so fast. It has been a great honor to serve in this position for the PCSO. To be able to meet and work with so many new friends and colleagues over these years has been more precious than I would have believed possible. Thank you to all the PCSO presidents, the board of directors, and the staff who have served through my years as trustee and who have helped me along the way. And a special thanks to my wife, Jacquetta, who has put up with all the conference calls, e-mail and travel that goes with being a trustee. We could not have done this job without such wonderful support from all of you. These words may sound like a familiar sentiment, coming as they do from each president who completes his time on the AAO Board of Trustees. Now that I am experiencing it, it feels necessary and appropriate to express my gratitude. So, I find myself saying the same things as has each trustee before me. Thank you, PCSO, for providing this opportunity to serve you all and this great profession we share. S SPRING 2013 • PCSO BULLETIN 7

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Bulletin Spring 2013

Dental Ethics
Save a Little and Invest a Lot
Plan for Ongoing Success
AAO Trustee's Report
PCSO Business
AAOF Report
Component Report
PCSO at a Glance
Dr. Terry McDonald Interviews Dr. Harry (Hap) Doughterty, Jr.
Case Report Pre-Treatment
Dr. John Ive
3-D Image-Aided Treatment of Impacted and Transposed Teeth
Controversies in Orthodontics
DIY Technology Upgrades on a DIY Budget
Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontic (AOO) System -- Physiological Benefits and Increased Range of Movement
Case Report Post-Treatment
Pearls from Idaho: Holding 3-3 Retainers While Bonding

Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Bulletin Spring 2013