Momentum - October 2020 - 2

International wants to ensure you that we
are moving forward with plans to allow
continued student engagement in a
controlled manner to meet all the necessary
precautions of the pandemic and still
deliver on strong educational experiences
for your teams.
We know that planning for a typical
competition year is not an option. More
Patrick Ponticel
than 50% universities resuming the fall
semester are operating either 100%
virtually or with a hybrid model. Spring
semesters are either reported as going virtual or TBD. In addition,
85% of CDS teams have reported that their funding is secured but
now in jeopardy, or not secured at all.
In response, our plan is to deliver both static and dynamic
events at most 2021 competitions, with different arrangements and
scoring for each of the competitions (SAE Aero Design, Baja SAE,
SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge, Formula SAE, and SAE
Supermileage). For example, the SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge
(CSC) will be run as a 100% virtual event, whereas the others will
include a dynamic component. (Venue policy is one reason CSC will
be virtual-only in 2021.) Check the relevant SAE websites for
Far be it from me to claim my disappointment regarding
cancellation of dynamic events at many 2020 CDS competitions
exceeds that of student participants. That said, I as MOMENTUM
editor do feel a bit "robbed" by the pandemic of the chance to see
firsthand the anxiety + excitement with which students take care of
business on the CDS outdoor competition grounds. Their intensity is
palpable. I can't wait for the 2021 CDS dynamic competitions!
A pleasant surprise for me in the face of COVID-19 was the
willingness of students to submit articles to
despite the deep disappointment. Really good stuff! I encourage all
teams to submit an article about their vehicle and/or team. I believe
every team has a story worth telling. For story ideas, check out the
Student Generation department in this issue to see what some other
students wrote about and how they put their articles together. And
be sure to read next month's issue to find out which student won
this year's MOMENTUM article contest.

* Become a MOMENTUM contributor by submitting an article. Add
that achievement to your resume. Send an email to momentum@ expressing your interest in contributing.
* Spread the word about this magazine to other engineering
students and faculty, and encourage them to join SAE today by

2 October 2020

Corey Dillon
Member Relations Specialist
Donna Edenhart
Director, Membership & Sections
Abby Hartman
Local Activities Specialist
Amanda Hildabrand
Membership Manager
Nicole Iorfido
Developer, Volunteer Engagement

Patrick Ponticel
Editor, Member Magazines
Chris Whissen
Graphic Designer
Adam Santiago
Production Manager
Howard Ng
Digital Production Manager

Todd Zarfos
2020 President
Paul Mascarenas, OBE
2019 President
Jeff Hemphill
2021 President
Pascal Joly
Vice President - Aerospace
Ken Washington, PhD
Vice President - Automotive
Michael Weinert
Vice President - Commercial Vehicle
Andrew Jeffers
David L. Schutt, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
Gregory L. Bradley, Esq
Landon Sproull
Jeff Varick
Rhonda Walthall


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Momentum - October 2020

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Momentum - October 2020

Momentum - October 2020
Big Changes to CDS coming next year
Ditching the bells and whistles
One-on-One with Matt McCoy
Ambition and its conundrums
Sprinting to Success
2021 Ducati Superleggera V4 is a lightweighting tour-de-force
Simulation’s next generation
SAE 101: SAE Mobilus
Practicing the ”art of learning”
Dossier: Juan Vasquez of Pariveda Solutions
Momentum - October 2020 - Momentum - October 2020
Momentum - October 2020 - Cover2
Momentum - October 2020 - 1
Momentum - October 2020 - Big Changes to CDS coming next year
Momentum - October 2020 - BENEFITS U
Momentum - October 2020 - Ditching the bells and whistles
Momentum - October 2020 - 5
Momentum - October 2020 - 6
Momentum - October 2020 - 7
Momentum - October 2020 - One-on-One with Matt McCoy
Momentum - October 2020 - 9
Momentum - October 2020 - Ambition and its conundrums
Momentum - October 2020 - 11
Momentum - October 2020 - Sprinting to Success
Momentum - October 2020 - 13
Momentum - October 2020 - 14
Momentum - October 2020 - BRIEFS
Momentum - October 2020 - 2021 Ducati Superleggera V4 is a lightweighting tour-de-force
Momentum - October 2020 - Simulation’s next generation
Momentum - October 2020 - SAE 101: SAE Mobilus
Momentum - October 2020 - Practicing the ”art of learning”
Momentum - October 2020 - Dossier: Juan Vasquez of Pariveda Solutions
Momentum - October 2020 - Cover3
Momentum - October 2020 - Cover4