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[SOLUTIONS] B Y B O B M O S H E R F or years the learning industry has been throwing around the term “informal learning.” But, to be frank, the phrase is too soft, too abstract. Imagine asking a CFO to pay for “informal learning.” To make the discipline real, it needs to be approached in a more defendable way. “Performance Support” is a better way to describe this critical function. PART OF THE REASON WE HAVE STRUGGLED TO MAKE PERFORMANCE SUPPORT WORK IS THAT WE HAVE FUNDAMENTALLY MISUNDERSTOOD THE LEARNING NEEDS WE ARE ATTEMPTING TO ADDRESS. 31 TrainingIndustry Quarterly, Winter 2011 / A Training Industry, Inc. ezine /

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Training Industry Quarterly - Winter 2011
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From Where I Sit: Your 2011 Action Plan
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At the Editor's Desk: Becoming Enablers
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Performance & Productivity: The Power of Conversations
Learning Technologies: Paving Cow Paths for Dinosaurs?
Technical Training: Talent Management & Technical Training
Partnering for Performance Conference
Learning 2020: Thinking about the Future of Learning
Cornerstone On Demand
Cover Report: Proving Training's Value: Linking Training to Business Outcomes
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Tactics Feature: 7 Solutions for Workforce Training
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Strategies Feature: Onboarding: A Driving Force for Employee Engagement
Hemsley Fraser
Solutions Feature: Making Informal Learning Real
Training Industry Quarterly
CaseBook: Habitat for Humanity: Training Under Construction
Tracking Trends: The Big Shift
Closing Arguments: Focusing on the Future
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Training Industry Quarterly - Winter 2011