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NewProducts Drill, Baby, Drill uses electricity and compressed air to spray hot melt adhesives. The TEC 7300, a 1000 watt, 43mm/1.75” hot melt spray applicator, is designed to cover 21 square feet on a single cartridge, is safe to use on heat-sensitive materials, has a built-in speed loader and melts up to 11.5 pounds of adhesive an hour. For more information, visit www.poweradhesives. com or call (704) 334-2425. available at the Hilti Training Center on 1199 Deck Connection The Ipe Clip company has released a new line of high-density polyethylene deck tile connectors. Designed for use with wood-backed Dillingham Blvd. For more information, call (808) 845-9664. Light up the Night Acuity Brands has just released a line of three new LED outdoor PARK luminaries. The Tersen Ratio PG, designed to meet IESNA RP-20 standards for use in parking garages, delivers up to 100 lumens per watt in a finned housing that serves as a heat sink with optional dedicated up-light. Its Lithonia Lighting VAP is designed for exterior environments, housed in a moisture- and dust-resistant polycarbonate enclosure, while The Little Beaver company has just released a new line of hydraulic earth drills. Featuring an 11-horsepower Honda overhead valve gas engine, the HYD-PS11H hydraulic earth drill features a five-gallon reservoir mounted on a three-wheel chassis and front and rear handles, as well as an integrated forward/ reverse lever. The HYD-PS11H can drill holes up to 12 feet deep using 12-inch diameter augurs, and can accommodate augurs of up to 16 inches in diameter. The unit comes with a built-in 150-RPM motor, but 220-RPM and 125-RPM motors are also available for added speed or torque. For more information, visit or call 1-800227-7515. Keep it Together A new line of concrete mold hot melt adhesives and applicators is now available from Power Adhesives. The TEC 3200, a 400 watt 43mm/1.75” hot glue gun, is designed to apply beads or dots of adhesive, while the TEC 6300 unit is a 500 watt 43mm/1.75” selfcontained pneumatic applicator that deck tiles, Deck Wise tile connectors include a pre-cut center drain hole, scoring lines for side or corner installation, pre-set gap spacing and pre-drilled countersink holes for installation on top of existing wood or concrete surfaces. The connectors feature a matte finish available in brown, black, or gray and retail for about $2 a unit. For more information, visit Ipe Clip’s web site at www. or call Ipe Clip at (864) 902-8818. On the Level Hilti has put out a new pair of laser products. Its PMP 42 Plumb Laser and PMP 45 Plumb and Square Laser have been designed with built-in magnetic feet for mounting and alignment on metal track. The PMP 42 generates two beams, while the PMP 45 generates two beams 90 degrees apart on the same plane and a third 90 degrees orthogonal to the plane. Both units come with Hilti calibration service as well as a two-year warranty. Hilti Products are 106 | BUILDING INDUSTRY | JULY 2011 the new model of Acuity’s Lithonia Lighting ALX is designed to produce 18 to 25 percent more light than its previous model. Acuity Luminaries are available locally at Klopfenstein’s Lighting on 1128 Nuuanu Ave., Suite 101. For more information, call (808) 533-0558. BI http://www.poweradhesives

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