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PROJECT A NEW VUE ON DOWNTOWN OPEN SPACE The Vue condominium located on Inner Harbor East in Baltimore, Maryland By Richard Jones RESEARCH SOUND TRANSMISSION LOSS OF EXTENSIVE GREEN ROOFS By Maureen Connelly and Murray Hodgson POLICY ON TARGET Behind the scenes of the development of a three-acre extensive green roof in Minneapolis, MN. By Michael Krause ON SPEC OPTIMIZING FOR SUSTAINABILITY As green roofs are expected to fulfill more roles, more a ention to regional demands and economic drivers is required. By Dan Slone GRHC UPDATE FIRST GRHC GREEN ROOF SYMPOSIUM IN FLORIDA Hillsborough County approves an amendment to allow green roofs to count as “open space” during the site development review process. By Dyan Elizabeth Backe WELCOME NEW CORPORATE MEMBERS PROFESSIONAL CALENDAR EXPERTS REFLECT ON THE VALUE OF THE GRP On June 5th, 2009, industry professionals will write the first exam for the new Green Roof Professional (GRP) accreditation during GRHC’s 7th annual conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Will you be among them? FROM THE FOUNDER A ROBUST & GREEN ECONOMY Downturns are o en an excuse to invest less in environmentally friendly solutions. Will the same be true today? By Steven W. Peck LETTERS STRATA PEOPLE PRODUCTS & PROJECTS AUSTIN’S HOTSPOT FOR HABITAT & BALTIMORE HILTON GOES GREEN A GREEN ROOF FOR A COUNTY COURTHOUSE Undeterred when all the bids for a green roof came in well above available budget, staff for the Minneapolis City Hall and Hennepin County Courthouse got creative – and that included acquiring private partners. By Jose Cervantes RESEARCH GRANT FOR DESIGN TOOL USGBC supports the development of new Green Roof Energy Calculator. ON THE ROOF WITH… Rob Crauderueff, Director of Policy and Research, Sustainable South Bronx; Chair, Policy Commi ee, SWIM coalition, NYC By Caroline Nolan LIVING ARCHITECTURE MONITOR FALL 1

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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Fall 2008
From the Founder: A Robust Economy
Strata - People, Products & Projects: Austin's Hotspot for Habitat & Baltimore Hilton Goes Green
A Green Roof for a County Courthouse
Research Grant for Design Tool
On the Roof With...
A New Vue on Downtown Open Space
Sound Transmission Loss of Extensive Green Roofs
On Target
Optimizing for Sustainability
First GRHC Green Roof Symposium in Florida
Welcome New Corporate Members
Professional Calendar
Experts Reflect on the Value of the GRP

Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Fall 2008