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how'd they do that? 022 Thoughtful Creations T HE VISION FROM Global Lighting CEO Larry Lazin was to curate a selection of lighting fixtures that evoked cultural and natural influences. This direction served as the inspiration for the Ethos Collection. Ay Illuminate, a company that is focused on creating natural products with the help of skilled artisans from challenged communities, was the perfect fit. "Ay Illuminate's principal designers, Ay Lin Heinen and Nelson Sepulveda, work intimately with artisans they have identified as the best at their crafts to help them implement the company's lighting, whether it is shawl-makers in Afghanistan, cotton-weavers in India or basketweavers in Indonesia," says Saxon Henry, new media strategist for Global Lighting. While the fixtures bring a chic elegance to any environment, it is the story of how each fixture is made and the commitment to social responsibility that each represents that makes Ay Illuminate truly special. "The women in Afghanistan who weave the cashmere shawls for [Ay Illuminate's] Z series [lights] actually harvest the reeds of sisal they use to give the shades strength," Henry describes. "Ay Lin and Nelson have experienced every step of the process with them to understand what these artisans go through in order to create the best product possible while achieving the highest quality product they can. Sometimes this means sitting cross-legged on dirt floors while they 'play' with materials to end up with a beautiful product." Furthermore, the fixtures' electrical components are inserted by a Dutch company that employs physically challenged workers. The depth of the design process and the social responsibility represented by the product adds to the impact each fixture has on it environment. "The fixtures have tremendous personality and soulfulness, which brings conscientiousness to a setting," Henry says. - Jenny S. Rebholz JUNE 2016 DESIGNRETAILONLINE.COM GLOBALSHOP.ORG http://www.DESIGNRETAILONLINE.COM http://www.GLOBALSHOP.ORG

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design:retail - June 2016
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design:retail - June 2016