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the Periclean —the Voice of the sons of Pericles SOP Makes a Donation to ALS Association in Memory of Brother George Catsulis One of the two National Projects the Sons of Pericles adopted last year was the ALS Association. Sadly, Past Supreme Governor Peter Catsulis lost his father, Ahepan George Catulis, to this terrible disease almost a year ago, and the Sons of Pericles was proud to undertake ALS Research as a National Project because it truly hit close to home. At the 2010 Governors’ Conference in Washington D.C., the Sons of Pericles presented Christine Kirkley, ALS director of Fundraising, with a donation of $6,124 in memory of Brother George Catsulis. The money raised is a great tribute to all who support the Sons of Pericles, who bought 50/50 raffle tickets, and also made generous donations to the cause. Thank you to the entire AHEPA Family for all of your support, it speaks volumes about your generosity. Brother George Catsulis Atlanta Chapter Promotes Team-Building Events By Michael Hadjisimos, SOP Chapter 86 President Part of the goals and objectives of Chapter 86, Atlanta, is to organize at least three team relationship building activities throughout the year. This initiative began at the end of the chapter’s June 2010 meeting when a Brother suggested the brethren participate in paintball as one of these three activities. Vice President Theo Stathakis organized the effort. In all, 10 Brothers, including two newly recruited members participated. When we arrived at the paintball field, there was a sense of nervous yet excited energy in the air, but we were all ready to see some action. The field was set up with two bases facing each other. The object of the game was to capture a flag in the center of the field and take it to your opponent’s base. Paintballs were flying left and right, whizzing over our heads. People were running around like Rambo and firing at The brothers of SOP Chapter 86 gather following their paintball outing from the summer. They credit activities like paintball for bringing the brothers closer together. anything that moved. Needless to say, several stories were conveyed from this experience, all of the brothers had an excellent time, and most importantly, we became closer as a group. The chapter deemed this a team-building activity that it highly recommends to other chapters. It is cost-effective and a fun way to come closer together as a chapter. For more Sons of Pericles News and to sign-up for our Periclean E-Newsletter visit FREE! Ages 14 –17 SOP MEMBERSHIP: Ages 18 –27 $40 as Dual Members of AHEPA and SOP Fall 2010 the ahepan 31

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The AHEPAN - Fall 2010
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The AHEPAN - Fall 2010