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message from niCholas a. karaCostas ahePa suPreme PresiDent ahepa answers the call to public Service Greek Americans have a long and rich tradition of civic engagement and public service that remains alive and well. The list of philanthropic and civic-minded Greek Americans is far too long to mention here, but just as these individuals—many members of the AHEPA family—have given of their success, we as a community have much to offer (and to gain) by consciously introducing public service into our lives. Nicholas A. Karacostas This is why almost one-year ago, AHEPA answered the White House’s call for public service by joining the “United We Serve” Initiative. In addition to being an inherent component of AHEPA’s mission, public service resonates in the spirit of Hellenism. Through the “United We Serve” campaign, I am confident we made a difference in the lives of others. I am proud of the way the AHEPA family responded, which is highlighted in this issue of The Ahepan. I commend the contributions and efforts of the chapters and individuals that participated to help make it a successful campaign. As fellow Ahepan Congressman John Sarbanes has said through his Hellenism In The Public Service initiative, “we are the community that gives back.” We have demonstrated that fact yet again. On Memorial Day weekend, we poignantly remembered our fellow citizens who have given back to our country by making the ultimate sacrifice to protect and preserve the ideals of freedom, liberty, and democracy. On behalf of a grateful Greek American community, I had the distinct honor of laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown at Arlington National Cemetery with Supreme Treasurer Col. Nick Vamvakias. I also joined with Ahepans from the Washington DC metro area to memorialize the gravestones of more than 600 Greek Americans buried at our national cemetery, including Medal of Honor recipient George Dilboy. This is a great AHEPA tradition that has been in existence since the 1920s and one of the most moving experiences of my life. I am humbled by it. Moreover, AHEPA continues to fulfill all facets of its mission. At the time of this publication, AHEPA will send 58 students on the Journey to Greece Program, and after five years, 332 students will have participated. AHEPA remains engaged in civic responsibility, helping to grow the Hellenic Caucus to a record number and elevating the presence of the Greek American community in Washington. We’ve honored family and individual excellence, most recently in the vibrant Chicago community; and in New York, to salute the 10 years of spiritual service provided by His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios to Greek Orthodox Christians throughout the United States. As our administrative year comes to a close, I appreciate the Brother Ahepans who demonstrated tremendous hospitality and kindness during my travels throughout the AHEPA domain. You are the backbone of AHEPA and the community. With your selfless commitment to AHEPA’s mission, we succeeded together. I look forward to thanking everyone at the Supreme Convention in Montreal. 4 the ahepan Summer 2010

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The AHEPAN - Summer 2010
Table of Contents
Supreme President’s Message
Daughters of Penelope President’s Message
Sons and Maids Presidents’ Messages
AHEPA Family News
Book Review
Annual Excursion Continues to Build Bridges, Seek Solutions
United We Serve
Chicago’s Regional Salute Banquet Inspires, Honors Many from Midwest
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The AHEPAN - Summer 2010