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+ 1 866 374 – 8800 17 Morningstar Quotes Real-time market data for every major exchange and index. TM 3 Direct connections to 160+ pricing data sources around the world 3 Full historical order book data to 2003 3 Custom implementation in as little as one day Real-time data for more than 4 million instruments traded in markets worldwide is available to complement our fundamental data and research. Morningstar Quotes data feeds deliver fast, reliable data for all major equity exchanges and indexes, as TM well as foreign exchange and Treasury markets worldwide. Coverage also includes futures, options, commodities, and precious metals. Companies large and small can access quality market data at a competitive price, paying only for the data that they require. Our coverage is expanding to meet market needs by an average of three exchanges every quarter. We’re also adding corporate actions to our global market data feed, featuring timely information about events such as dividends, mergers, and stock splits. Timing options range from ultra-low-latency feeds with sub-millisecond performance, to end-of-day and historical feeds. Every tick on every instrument is captured and can be delivered instantly, in snapshots as often as every five minutes, or by the hour, day, week, or month. Clients have access to full historical order book data back to 2003 as point-in-time snapshots or complete tick histories, downloadable as flat files from a secure website. Morningstar Quotes real-time and delayed data feeds are simple to integrate with 33 Every Tick Available Through Custom Data Feeds Markets Equities Futures/ Options Indexes Currencies Treasuries Precious Metals News Feeds Examples 3 NYSE 3 3 3 CBOE 3 3 3 3 Dow Jones Deutsche Börse 3 UBS 3 3 3 3 Nasdaq Euronext Eurex Chi-X 3 FTSE European Central Bank Commerzbank, Frankfurt Allied Irish Banks Tullett Prebon 3 London Bullion Market SA 3 Dow Jones 3 SBF News 3 MIG Investments Frequencies Ultra-low-latency Sub-millisecond performance via direct exchange connections Low-latency Consolidated data with up to 500,000 messages per second Delayed Full-content streaming data, delayed for exchange compliance Snapshot Delivered at a custom frequency, as often as every five minutes Historical Full tick history to 2003; up to 35 years of end-of-day open, high, low, close, and volume data Applications ABCo. Pricing engines Analytical and trading systems Custom applications Software Websites and tools Market data workstations

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Morningstar Catalog 2010/2011
Legg Mason
T. Rowe Price
Raymond James
Morningstar Direct
RBC Global Asset Management (U.S.) Inc.
Morningstar® EnCorr®
CPMS Equity Market Service and CPMS Backtest Service
Morningstar® Workstation
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Morningstar Associates
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Morningstar® Site Builder and Licensed Tools
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Labrum Capital Advisors, LLC
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CPMS Model Portfolios
Advisor Professional Development
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Financial Charts and Presentations
Ibbotson® SBBI® Classic Yearbook
Corporate Performance Graph Service
Morningstar® Institutional Marketing and Sales Solutions
Morningstar® Investment Profiles and Guides
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Ibbotson Valuation Publications
Ibbotson® Cost of Capital Resources Center
Advertising Services
Customer and Employee Incentive Programs®
Global Investing Websites
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Morningstar Catalog 2010/2011