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workplace is safe and clean.
As vaccines roll out to
the population and masks
remain the norm, people
will still be anxious about
touching common surfaces at
work, " Loricchio emphasized.
" Many of us have gotten better
at pressing buttons with our
elbows and holding doors open
with our feet, but this will not
work forever. "

Land O' Lakes, FL-based Holiday
House Distributing, a leading
distributor of OCS, water purification and vending machine
Holiday House's PPE lineup
includes automatic touch-free hand
sanitizer dispensers in
floor-standing or wallmount models.
Holiday House


parts and accessories, has been ramping up its distribution of PPE products
to enable operators help workplaces
to safely reopen. It offers a similar
solution as the exclusive distributor of
Kleen-Slate Antimicrobial Film, which
uses Agion as the antimicrobial agent.
The film comes in 2 in. x 50 ft., 4 in. x
50 ft. and 20 in. x 12 in. rolls that can
be cut to specific needs for such hightouchpoint areas as touchscreens, railings, handles, countertops and elevator
buttons, among others.
Holiday House's PPE lineup
includes medical-grade hand sanitizer, made in the U.S., with 70% ethyl
alcohol that kills 99.9% of germs. It's
offered in 32-fl.oz., 64-fl.oz. and 128-fl.
oz. containers. The company also
markets a line of automatic touch-free
dispensers in floor-standing or wallmount models that are suited for a
variety of environments.

Also available from Holiday House
are disposable face masks with adjustable nose piece in 10-ct. boxes ideal
for sale through vending machines or
at micro markets and in larger, 50-ct.
boxes. Holiday House also offers
nitrile single-use disposable gloves
in small, medium and large sizes in
100-ct. boxes.
Two- and three-tier closed cup dispensers with germ shield safely deliver
one cup at a time to eliminate multiple
touches and are made with durable
ABS plastic construction and a spacesaving, spring-loaded design. The
stackable dispensers can fit 12-fl.oz.
to 16-fl.oz. paper or plastic cups, with
inserts for various cup sizes available.
They can be paired with " Push and
Go " lid dispensers, which accommodate coffee, fountain and domed lids.
Holiday House is also offering
a touchless solution that converts


Little Debbie:
America's Favorite
Snack Cake*
A family favorite since 1960, the Little Debbie brand
has been delivering snacktime smiles through a vast line
of snack cakes and bakery products. These renowned
American snack classics are individually
wrapped, making them a favorite for
vending machines, catering, cafeterias, and pantries nationwide.
Many of the varieties are available
in retail-ready cartons and are ideal
for micro markets.
A long-time industry front runner, Little Debbie® is
known for many popular snack items. The Little Debbie
vend family of products includes top-sellers such as
Nutty Buddy® Bars, Zebra Cakes, Cosmic® Brownies,
Pecan Spinwheels®, Double Decker Oatmeal Creme
Pies, and Double Decker Fudge Rounds, as well as
Fieldstone® Bakery Honey Buns, Frosted Mini Donuts,
Cosmo Blast Brownies™, and several FitPick Select
items, perfect for school vending.


Automatic Merchandiser * February/March 2021

Now's the time to get these products on your menu
if you're not already a vendor of America's favorite
snack cakes. Little Debbie Vending has a special New
To You Offer which allows vending operators to save
up to 3 cents per unit on specific items not purchased
in the past 6 months. Simply contact your local Little
Debbie broker for details, and start vending smiles
today. Decades of success has proven that the Little
Debbie brand is well-loved by consumers, and after
just one bite, it's easy to see why.
*Category leader in Dollar Share: Source: Nielsen ScanTrack®, Baked Sweet
Goods Category, Total US - xAOC + Convenience, 52 weeks ending 06/13/2020



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