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SOP Ends Year Strong,
Expands in Three Countries
SOP Supreme President John Ververis
The 92nd Annual Supreme Convention
in New Orleans is upon us. The Sons
of Pericles Supreme Lodge is excited
about attending and sharing with the
entire AHEPA family the successes
achieved by our Order this year. It was
truly and honor and a privilege to serve
as Sons of Pericles Supreme President.
I felt it a privilege to travel all over the
United States and Canada to meet many amazing Greeks and
Philhellenes. It was an honor to represent my home chapter,
Solon 61, Waterbury, Connecticut; and most importantly my
family, as supreme president. I hope I made everyone proud!
The Sons of Pericles had another banner year. It was
my fortune to serve with the brothers of the Supreme
Lodge. Together, we accomplished much. We set numerous goals following the 2013 Convention, and we hit nearly
all of them, especially with our fundraising efforts for our
National Project, FARA, and organizational expansion. Most

importantly, our Order expanded in the U.S., Canada and
Greece. In the U.S., we saw the re-emergence of a West
Coast presence. Chapters were reactivated in Phoenix,
Albuquerque and Denver, and the potential for chapters
in Portland and Sacramento remains strong. The Sons of
Pericles grew in the New York metropolitan area. Chapters
reestablished in Flushing, New Rochelle, Hempstead and
Brooklyn turned District 6 into an active district once again.
In Canada, District 23 expanded and became an active district with the addition of chapters in London and Ottawa.
Even in Greece, our brothers in Thessaloniki have been
working diligently to expand our Order.
The Supreme Lodge remained busy up until the start of the
Supreme Convention. Our officers attended a majority of the
district conventions across the AHEPA domain where we had
the opportunity to speak with AHEPA family members about
our goals and hopes for sustained growth. We also hosted our
annual Eastern Regional Basketball Tournament in Flushing,
New York, June 6-8, where teams from across the East Coast
came together for a weekend of good competition and fun.
Again, it was an honor to have worked with the entire
AHEPA family during my presidency. I look forward to seeing
everyone in New Orleans. Thank you for your support.

Sons Reemerge in
the Silver District
SOP Supreme Governor
Steven Gagas
After many years of dormancy, the
Sons of Pericles now has two newly
reactivated chapters in Silver District
17. On April 4 and 5, 2014, Supreme
Governor Steven Gagas traveled to
Denver, Colo. and Albuquerque, N.M.
to reactive Rocky Mountain Chapter
83, Denver, and Thunderbird Chapter
103, Albuquerque.
The Rocky Mountain Chapter is a
great collection of young men who are
interested in spreading their Hellenic
pride. Supreme Governor Gagas initiated 11 new members while he was
there and hosted a workshop with the


THE AHEPAN ยท Summer 2014

Denver Chapter 83 reactivation.

new brothers. All are enthused about
the Order. Gagas was able to help them
make a list of fundraising and event
ideas they can host that will serve
to strengthen their brotherhood and
the community. AHEPA Chapter 145,
Denver, is supportive of the new Sons
chapter and has given it seed money
to get them started on the right foot.
Brother Stuart Weinroth, the chapter

advisor, was instrumental in getting the
group together.
Supreme Governor Gagas then flew
to Albuquerque to reactivate Chapter
103. He attended AHEPA Chapter 501's
Annual Golf Tournament that benefited
The Wounded Warrior Project. Chapter
501 demonstrated excitement about
having a Sons of Pericles chapter and
multiple Ahepans told Gagas about how
proud they were to finally have a Sons
chapter. AHEPA Chapter 501 offered to
help the new Sons chapter with fundraisers and cover their dues for the first year.
The Thunderbird Chapter 103 initiated
nine members and has a list of at least 10
potential members. AHEPA District 17
Governor Pavlos Panagopoulos played
an integral role in organizing the group
and planning the visitation.

The AHEPAN - Summer 2014

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