2023 Super Doctors - New York - S-19

Transplant surgeons are experts in
removing living, functioning cells, tissues,
or organs from the body and then their
transfer back into the same body or into a
different one.
Dove, Lorna, New York, 212-305-0914 S-9
Emond, Jean C., New York,
212-305-9691 S-9
Gelb, Bruce E., New York, 212-263-8134
Graham, Jay A., Bronx, 888-795-4837 ◊
Griesemer, Adam D., New York,
212-263-8134 ◊
Kapur, Sandip, New York, 212-746-5330 ◊
Montgomery, Robert A., New York,
Teperman, Lewis W., Manhasset,
Rising Stars Honoree
Craig-Schapiro, Rebecca, New York,
Focuses on surgical and non-surgical
treatments for pelvic floor disorders and
urogynecologic conditions including: urinary
and fecal incontinence, overactive bladder,
pelvic organ prolapse and more.
Ascher-Walsh, Charles J., New York,
Asfaw, Tirsit S., New York, 212-746-3009
Brodman, Michael, New York, 212-241-7952
Brucker, Benjamin M., New York,
Chung, Doreen, New York, 212-305-0114
Kwon, Christina, New York, 212-889-9590
Kwon, Soo, New York, 212-288-0185
Rabin, Jill M., Manhasset, 516-390-9242
Segal, Saya, New York, 212-746-3009
Rising Stars Honorees
Bahlani, Sonia, New York, 212-634-9533
Sonia Bahlani, MD
Pelvic Pain Doc
New York, NY // 212-634-9533
Concierge Services Available
Drangsholt, Siri, Hawthorne, 914-493-2250
O'Shaughnessy, Danielle Lauren, Bay Shore,
Polland, Allison, Brooklyn, 718-283-5939
Stewart, Lauren, New York, 646-825-6324
Tran, Ann Do, New York, 212-870-8270
Urologists treat disorders of the urinary
tracts of men and women and the
reproductive system of men. non-surgical
problems such as urinary tract infections
and benign prostatic hyperplasia, as well
as surgical problems such as the surgical
management of cancers, the correction of
congenital abnormalities, and correcting
stress incontinence.
Bar-Chama, Natan, New York, 212-756-5777
Natan Bar-Chama, MD
RMA of New York
New York, NY // 212-756-5777
New York Hall of Fame Legacy Member
Bochner, Bernard, New York, 646-422-4387
Brandes, Steven B., New York, 212-305-0114
Chughtai, Bilal, New York, 646-962-4811 S-7
Del Pizzo, Joseph, New York, 646-962-9600
Fine, Eugene M., New York, 212-517-9555 S-21
Firoozi, Farzeen, New York, 212-434-4420
Goldstein, Marc, New York, 212-746-5470
Gribetz, Michael E., New York,
212-831-1300 S-22 ◊
Hall, Simon J., Lake Success, 516-734-8500
Herman, Michael P., Rockville Centre,
Hyun, Grace, New York, 212-263-6420 ◊
Lee, Richard Kao, New York, 646-962-4811
Loo, Marcus, New York, 212-925-8388
Lowe, Franklin C., Bronx, 718-920-4531
Palese, Michael A., New York, 212-844-8900
Peng, Benjamin C.H., New York, 212-226-2200
Benjamin C.H. Peng, MD
Consistent Super Doctors and
Top Doctors Awardee
New York, NY // 212-226-2200
New York Hall of Fame Honoree
Rastinehad, Ardeshir (Art), New York,
Rodriguez, Larissa Virginia, New York,
Rutman, Matthew P., New York, 212-305-0144
Schiff, Howard I., New York, 212-996-6660
Schiff, Jonathan D., New York, 212-996-6660
Schlegel, Peter, New York, 212-746-5491
Schlussel, Richard N., Tarrytown,
914-493-8628 ◊
Schwartz, Michael, Lake Success,
Shah, Ojas, New York, 212-305-0114
Taneja, Samir S., New York, 646-825-6300
Te, Alexis E., New York, 646-962-4811
Alexis E. Te, MD
Iris Cantor Men's Health Center,
Weill Cornell Medical College
New York, NY // 646-962-4811
New York Hall of Fame Legacy Member
Tewari, Ash, New York, 212-241-9955
Rising Stars Honorees
Attalla, Kyrollis G., New York, 212-844-8900
Carpenter, Christina, New York,
212-305-9918 ◊
Katz, Matthew, New York, 646-825-6300
Rothwax, Jason T., Lake Success,
Say, Rollin K., New York, 212-844-8900
Schulz, Lauren, New York, 212-689-3155
Small, Alexander C., Bronx, 718-920-4531
Watts, Kara L., Bronx, 718-920-4531
BLUE BOLDFACE indicates a profile on the specified page. ◊ indicates doctor's practice has a pediatric specialty or subspecialty.
* indicates doctor's practice offers cosmetic/reconstructive procedures.
Vascular surgeons deal with disorders of
the arterial, venous and lymphatic systems,
(excluding vessels of the brain and the
heart). Common interventions performed
include the opening of blocked arteries,
repair of veins to improve circulation,
treatment of aneurysms (bulges) in
the aorta and other blood vessels, and
treatment of vascular injuries.
Carroccio, Alfio, New York, 212-434-3420
Cayne, Neal, New York, 212-263-7311
Connolly, Peter Hart, New York, 646-962-8450
DeRubertis, Brian G., New York, 646-962-8450
Ellozy, Sharif, New York, 646-962-8450
Friedman, Steven G., Lake Success,
Grossi, Robert J., New York, 212-844-5559
Hingorani, Anil P., Brooklyn, 718-438-3800
Indes, Jeffrey E., Bronx, 718-920-4800
Jacobowitz, Glenn R., New York, 212-263-7311
Jacobs, Tikva S., New York, 646-962-8450
Maldonado, Thomas, New York, 212-263-7311
Morrissey, Nicholas J., New York,
212-342-2929 S-9
Rhee, Soo J., New York, 646-962-8450
Rockman, Caron B., New York, 212-263-7311
Tassiopoulos, Apostolos K., Centereach,
631-638-1670 S-24
Wun, Herrick, New York, 646-962-5575
Rising Stars Honorees
Agrusa, Christopher, New York, 646-962-8450
Baldwin, Melissa, Brooklyn, 718-677-0109
Kokkosis, Angela, Centereach, 631-638-1670
Facial Plastic Surgery
graduate of MIT and Georgetown, Dr. Monica Tadros is one of the rare physicians who is double board-certified in
Otolaryngology & Facial Plastic Surgery, as well as dual fellowship trained. Dr. Tadros began her illustrious career as Director
of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at Columbia University Medical Center. Now in private practice, Dr. Tadros's stellar
reputation has developed around her mantra " Breathe 4 Beauty. " Her emphasis highlights the nose as an organ whose form and
function are equally important to a patient's beauty and health. Dr. Tadros has pioneered safe technologies offering game-changing
results. Specializing in Rhinoplasty, Sinus Surgery and Facial Plastic Surgery, she works with patients who suffer from Sinusitis,
Allergies, Sleep Apnea, Migraines and other symptoms arising from nasal pathologies. Depending on your needs, exceptional patient
care coordinators will take you on a customized journey. In addition to sculpting beautiful noses in a state of the art operating
room, Dr. Tadros can clear nasal obstruction, restore breathing and stop post-nasal drip in the office with little to no downtime.
Center For Sinus, Sleep & Facial Plastic Surgery
911 Park Avenue, Suite 1C, New York, NY 10075
212-532-4590 // www.DrMonicaTadros.com
http://www.pelvicpaindoc.com http://www.peng-urology.com https://urology.weillcornell.org/alexis-e-te http://www.rmany.com http://www.DrMonicaTadros.com

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