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U B THE 26 27 28 29 SPIN Zone Shawna Suckow, CMP, spins her own industry networking web. p.24 Signs of the Times With some countries declaring the recession over, where does the meeting industry stand? p.28 20 20 22 Design Thinking BY JESSIE STATES KEVIN CLARK URGES HIS CLIENTS TO USE THEIR MINDS AND HEARTS TO GENERATE BUSINESS SUCCESS. The former IBM exec and current business consultant suggests that leaders combine the skills of a designer with conventional corporate strategy to drive the open and unashamed innovation that revolutionizes everything from products to processes. Design thinkers thoroughly understand what their customers want/need and like/dislike (especially those unspoken desires that require keen observation to discover). They bypass your everyday workplace analytics and a) define their immediate challenges/opportunities, b) research them and then c) ideate—a fancy-schmancy term for hard-core brainstorm. And I’m not talking your mom’s brainstorm here. I’m talking poly-departmental, anarchical thought soup, where no idea is too sacred. Design thinkers follow these fierce thought forums with back-to-basics idea reviews in which they vet solutions and seek feedback from stakeholders and end-users, ultimately arriving at a conclusion: continue forward to implementation or begin the process again. And it’s all followed by one final step: reflection. Design thinkers gather feedback, measure success and consider ways to make their processes and products better. Novel, huh? 16 one+ 10.10

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One + October 2010
Energy of Many
Design Thinking
Signs of the Times
Top Spots
Kill Your Résumé
Exceed Expectations
Live in Person
Snack Attack
Skin Deep
Playing God?
Untangling the Value of Social Media
Local Favor
Personality Order
Datascape Architect
Thriving Exhibits
Your Community
Making a Difference
Until We Meet Again

One + October 2010