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> > TRANSFORM THE WORLD BY TIM SANDERS << EXCEED EMOTIONAL EXPECTATIONS MICHELLE JOHNSON WAS PART OF THE TEAM THAT RAN TIMBERLAND’S 2006 SALES CONFERENCE in New Orleans, just one year after Hurricane Katrina ripped through the city (which was barely open for business). The second day of the conference was blocked off for community service—a staple at Timberland meetings. Local leaders set the tone for the service project while presenting during the opening night dinner. The next morning, sales staff walked a few blocks to Dukey Chase’s restaurant in Central City and worked with local volunteers to complete its re-launch. Community service projects at Timberland are designed to reinforce a corporate culture of service and responding to adversity. And by early afternoon, Johnson and her team members realized that the Central City project wasn’t necessarily reflective of what the people of New Orleans truly needed. So the team called an audible, scaring up some yellow school buses and a bullhorn for a guided tour in the “warzone” of the Lower Ninth Ward. Their plan worked. The attendees got a bird’s eye view of what was really going on in the hardest hit part of town. It connected them powerfully to the cause and created one of the most inspiring moments in the company’s meeting history. (For more, read: The Ripple at theripple). The key was acting in the moment and not waiting until next year. John F. Kennedy once said, “The time to fix the roof is when the sun is still shining.” 40 one+ 10.10

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