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product trends 01 FIRST TO MARKET 0 03 04 04 02 02 05 01. Toufayan has found a smart new way to 03. The Mexican Original Tortilla Chips by 05. Innovative packaging serves 6 potstickers make a sandwich. It’s called Smart Pockets. Tyson Deli are a great product for any occa- or 6 shumai in a sturdy microwaveable tray It’s easy to open, soft and pliable and very sion. These easy-to-prepare chips can be sold that includes Soy Vinegar and Hot Chili Oil convenient for on-the-go eating. It’s delicious, fresh in the service deli for up to three hours, sauce packets. Consumers can simply open nutritious, and an excellent source of whole or can be bagged and sold by the pound the wrapper, remove sauce and microwave grains. Smart Pockets come in Original, Whole throughout the store. appetizers right in the tray Wheat, and Everything varieties. Enjoy! 04. Genuine artisan Style salamis full of the 02. Designed to incorporate safety and sustain- flavor of times gone by: classic, sweet and deli- ability in one package, Placon’s new Crystal cate, with natural mold on as original product Sea® Tamper-Evident plastic thermoformed require. Each salami has been cured and air food containers are 100% recyclable with a dried just right, and can keep their freshness patent-pending feature that helps minimize the locked in, thanks to modern and innovative potential of food tampering. packaging brought to you by Fratelli Beretta. instore • IDDBA DAIRY-DELI-BAKE 2013 SPECIAL EDITION • 71

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inStore - May 2013
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inStore - May 2013