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What's new in products for more efficient fleet operation.

Programmable, single part, multifrequency, replacement TPMS sensor
The Bartec USA Rite-Sensor is a programmable,
single part, multi-frequency, replacement TPMS
sensor. According to Bartec, a single part (or SKU)
solution helps reduce inventory costs and eliminate confusion with technicians. The Rite-Sensor
is programmable, allowing a technician to simply
use a Bartec Tech400SD, Tech500, Tech300Pro,
Tech400Pro, or Tech1000 to configure the sensor
based on vehicle make, model, and year. The boxed
Rite-Sensors include both valve options. The sensor
comes with the rubber valve stem already installed
and the aluminum valve stem comes in the box.

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Converts text-based messages to voice
The Purkeys Aware Audio Interrupter is an
advanced audio interface management system
that is designed to convert telematics and other
text-based messages to voice, enabling drivers to
comply with FMCSA no-texting rules. The system
automatically silences all competing audio signals
and reroutes messages from mobile phones and
telematics devices through the speakers safely and
effortlessly, without the driver having to turn the
radio on, turn the volume down, or take their hands
off the wheel. The Aware system is easy to install
and uses plug-and-play technology to interface with
the vehicle's existing audio system.

Comes standard with 45 tanks
The Quantum Fuel Systems VPLite 45/40' Virtual
Pipeline Trailer comes standard with 45 tanks, has
a gaseous capacity of approximately 471,000 scf, and
weighs less than 57,000 lbs fully loaded. Customers
can customize the 40' trailer configuration with less
tanks based on project needs. Available in early
2020, the VPLite 45/40' features a simplified single
manifold for easier fueling and defueling, increased
maneuverability, and increased durability.

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High mileage, fuel
savings, and traction in
all weather conditions

Features 2,050 lb-ft of peak torque
The Cummins 2020 X15 Productivity Series is
designed for heavy applications with severe duty
cycles. The series offers 605hp with 2,050 lb-ft of
peak torque. The Productivity Series has six new
ratings available in 2020, along with four former
Performance Series ratings. The X15 ratings for
2020 offer upgraded turbocharger aerodynamics
and a high-performance EGR cooler for overall
air handling improvements, for greater efficiency
throughout the system.

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The Pirelli Branded
R89 Series Tire Line by
Prometeon Tyre Group
Commercial Solutions
is designed to provide
fleets with high mileage,
fuel savings, and traction in
all weather conditions. The
tire construction and tread
profile offer an optimized footprint, resulting in even wear and
long tread life. The tire tread patterns help prevent
impact damage, allowing a uniform distribution of
load and torque (for drive tires) and precise handling (for steer tires). The series also features high
retreadability with Pirelli's patented Spiral Advanced
Technology for Truck (SATT) combined with Hexa
Bead Wire.

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For high-stress applications
The Mann+Hummel Plastic-Aluminum Hybrid for Liquid Filter
Modules is designed for use in highly stressed applications. This
design gives the versatile plastic material the robustness for more
challenging applications to expand the variety of applications. A
skeleton made of aluminum improves stability, and is then covered in a plastic functional sheath in which all liquid-carrying elements are arranged. All high-stress areas, such as flange screw
connections or cover threads, are reinforced with the aluminum
skeleton, and the connecting elements for the fuel inlet and outlet
are molded directly from plastic.

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52 Fleet Maintenance | December 2019

Hydraulic reservoir solution for compact
and agile hydraulic applications
The Schroeder Industries TNK7 Reservoir is
a complete hydraulic reservoir solution specially
designed for compact and agile hydraulic (mobile)
applications. The TNK7 Reservoir is an integrated
and certified clean solution for fluid storage, monitoring, and conditioning in smaller scale mobile
hydraulic systems. The TNK7 has the ability to combine customized engineering solutions with scalable
usability of catalog items, allowing customers to take
advantage of a reservoir with fully equipped components without having to pay extra for tooling, sub-assembly, and cleaning processes, the company says.

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Lightweight standard
commercial vehicle steel wheel
The Maxion Wheels Tough and Light Steer
Wheel weighs only 64 lbs, with a 7,400-lb wheel
load rating. Tough and Light Steer Wheels feature
a circular hand hole shape. Changing the hand hole
combined with design optimization analysis reduces
wheel structural stresses by more than 10 percent resulting in an efficient and durable wheel when compared to the previous generation,
the company says. The standard 22.5" by 8.25" commercial vehicle
steel wheel will be available in 2020.

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