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Talking can save your life Getting the word out about gynecologic cancers BY DEBBY DONOVAN W e have to talk about this! We can’t afford to feel uncomfortable or squeamish any longer. Cervical, ovarian, uterine, vaginal and vulvar cancers. We need to get over any sensitivity about discussing them because it’s the one way we can immediately help ourselves and bring about positive change. Gynecologic cancers are attacking women of all ages, and the best defense we have now is awareness. You can save your own life and the lives of your daughters and granddaughters by becoming an advocate for your own good health and by starting dialogs with all the women you love. Up to now, discussing gynecologic issues has been relegated to a rather limited inner circle of our doctors and our trusted gal pals. The problem with being discreet, however, is that accurate information about gynecologic cancers hasn’t saturated the population sufficiently to improve survival rates. Think of it this way: A decade or so ago we didn’t see NFL football players wearing pink socks during the month of October, or bumper stickers professing Save the Ta-Ta’s, or 46 GRAND JAN FEB 2011

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GRAND Magazine - January/February 2011