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fortunate to have a deep
stock to be able to support
dealers' needs. We've also
expanded the number of
product lines we offer over
the last 18 months providing
more variety and choice to
our dealers for their customers.
For any products they
have less experience with,
all PowerHouse member
locations offer training to
help get dealers up to speed
on any and all products.
CE Pro: Have you
implemented contactless
payment for integrators?
HOLZER: PowerHouse
has a variety of payment
term options that include
contactless payment like
online ordering, 24-hour
will-call, and curbside pickup,
same-day delivery, and more.
CE Pro: When do you
foresee the supply chain
crisis subsiding?
HOLZER: We may begin
to see relief in some areas
of the supply chain crisis
but there are many, many
interconnected factors and
solving one issue does not
solve all. As supply chain experts
will tell you, managing a
supply chain used to involve
80% dealing with predictability
and 20% coping with
surprises, today we've seen
a total reversal. There have
been a lot of surprises from
trucking and port shortages/
delays to the latest COVID
lockdowns in China. We're
not out of the woods and
it is challenging to predict
when we may see a return to
the old normal if normal as
we knew it ever does return.
CE Pro: How would you
44 | CE Pro July 2022
scale the supply chain
situation today versus this
exact time last year and why?
HOLZER: In a way the
supply chain situation today
is better in the sense that
consumer expectations have
changed. Supply chain issues
are hitting a variety of industries
from technology to
automobiles to most recently
baby formula and many
consumables. It's easier for
homeowners to understand
why product may not be as
readily available as it was a
few years ago. That does not
make it better for businesses,
a recent survey of CEOs
found 77% feel their actions
to address supply chain
disruption are not effective
enough. We are all trying to
figure out how to navigate a
potentially challenging year
ahead as the supply chain
continues to wreak havoc in
many categories.
CE Pro: What is the most
important thing integrators
can do in terms of
their ordering, inventory,
etc., to improve their own
supply chain situation?
HOLZER: So many integrators
are focused on the
bottom line, but it's even
more important not to lose
sight of the top line. Just
because another company
says they can deliver product
does not make it true,
you have to have trust with
the partners you are working
with. Let your distributor
know your needs as soon
as you know your needs.
We can at least hold the
merchandise until it is required.
PowerHouse Alliance
members pride themselves
on open communication
PowerHouse Alliance says open communication about project
needs between the distributor and the integrator has
never been more important than it is now.
with dealers about product
availability. Our members
also provide a wealth of
knowledge across their
various lines. If one product
is not available, work
with your local distributor
partner to source another
potential equivalent option.
Maintaining open lines of
communication with your
local distribution partners
will keep you top of mind as
they work to fulfill orders of
in-demand products.
Vice President - Purchasing
and Vendor Business
D&H Distributing
CE Pro: What specific
procedures have you
implemented to help
alleviate the supply chain
crisis for integrators?
companies had to pivot
their strategies and adjust
to market changes since the
pandemic, which has taught
those integrators and manufacturers
to be more nimble.
D&H has adapted to a roster
of challenging environments
over its 100-year history. We
will continue to focus on
agility via long-term forecasting
and inventory management
to address current
supply chain issues. We've
also developed a roster of
supply chain services to
help manufacturer partners
accelerate their logistics.
And we made a considerable
investment in our future in
January of this year, opening
a new Harrisburg Distribution
Center with enhanced
logistics and significantly
expanded warehouse space.
CE Pro: Have you
implemented contactless
payment for integrators?

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